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Thread: Smoking ban 1 month later. Your observations.

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    Question Smoking ban 1 month later. Your observations.

    The smoking ban has been in effect for a month now. What has changed for you guys and gals?

    I personally have not been to a single SC or even a restaurant (eat in) since the ban came into effect. I've had take out or delivery (food you perverts!) a couple of times, and I'll tell you; It's a lot cheaper without the wine or beer tab. As for naked women, I've been with 2 this month that haven't cost me anything but the cases of beer I brought to the parties I met them at. Standing outside for a smoke has it's benefits, namely meeting and talking to new people. As I predicted in another thread, the number of house parties seems to be growing. Houses with pools are a big plus. House party+pool+vast quantities of alcohol=occasional nudity of the guests. No big orgy or anything but fun none the less. As for the cost difference, I figure I've saved at least $350-$400 this month. I think that I may have seen the last of my local Brasserie and regular SC visits for some time.

    What's your experiences? Good or bad?
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    I've been to Wanda's twice since the ban, and the girls and waitresses during the GP said that the club has been really hurting for business. The GP really brought some needed business to the club. I also spoke to the owner of Chateau and he said that business is down since the ban.

    Last night on the news there was a report that vlt business has dropped off 15% according to Loto Quebec. Good to see the gov't getting hit also.

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    Well I've been to the Body Shop (once) and... uhh nope thats it.

    The ban has really changed my habits (the bad ones anyway), I have hosted a few more house parties than usual but all in all I've been pretty quite this summer.

    Most peope I talked to say the SC business is hurting, the clubs I have been to of the non-stripping variety smell like BO! Not sure whats worse the smell of smoke (while masking the smell of BO) or the smell of BO???

    Oh well, some things change some thing stay the same.

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    I had a great time during Grand Prix and was still able to smoke at my favorite Cigar lounge or outside on the patio of many of the clubs I frequented during my stay. I don't normally smoke and only do so in Montreal because I take such great pleasure in giving my government the middle finger as to its embargo against Cuba by enjoying a few Cohibas'.

    That being said, my "smoking friends" didn't seem too bothered by going outside for a smoke or simply waiting a while and lighting up while on the way to another club. It was odd however when we drove in to the city and thought there was a strike of some sort going on near Grand Central Station only to discover that it was all the smokers from the surrounding office buildings taking a nicotine break.

    I think the silver lining(not that regular smokers will see anything about this in a positive light) in this is that over the long term this action MAY keep untold numbers of young people from taking up smoking in the first place since so many only do it when they drink. This COULD have a positive health effect for the population in general which MIGHT deliver a savings in health care costs to the government and in turn the taxpayer. Only time will tell.
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