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    I figure that some people on the board may have info on their systems that they don't want others, wives-gfs-kids etc... , to come across accidently, so I thought I'd post a link to an excellent encryption program. It's open source, in other words it's free, for all intents and purposes it's unbreakable, and very easy to use.
    Some members may find it useful.

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    This program can also make your encrypted data totally invisible so that it can't be discovered by accident by customs or any other investigation.

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    Is there a way to selectively delete from history specific sites you have visited? e.g. merb and all sub directories. I know you can zero history, but that deletes everything.

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    Not as far as I am aware but it's possible that there is some program available that could do that. It's amazing the little apps that people come up with and give away for free. I'll check and let you know if I find anything.

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