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Thread: Two and one half amazing days

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    Two and one half amazing days

    First: Thank all of the MERBers and MODs for a great service this board provides. Without it a hobby trip to Montreal would not be as easy to put together.

    I arrived Monday afternoon at Trudeau with only two prior arrangements but a general plan. The first challange, get to the hotel. I could have taken a cab but that`s the easy way. I found the aero bus, a $13,00 ride to the central bus station where I thought it was a beautiful day and walked the rest of the the way to the Courtyard by Marriott. Since there isn`t a specific hotel review thread, I`ll just quickly review it now. It`s OK. just OK. I only chose it because I had a cupon for a free night and got a pretty good rate for the second night. I`d rather be at the Clarion suites where I stay when I`m on company business or the Hyatt for the location. The room was smaller than I`m used to at Courtyards but the bed was excellent. (more on that in a second) The room reservation was my 1st arrangement.

    After I checked in I was hungry so I went next door to the Ace bar and Deli where I was introduced to Montreal smoked meat. OOOOOO weeee now that`s some pretty good eatin`..

    My second pre arrangement was for a date with Tracy and Nathalie at 7;30. They arrived a few minutes early and OH BABY Let the Games Begin!!

    After they left and I rested for a couple of hours, I decided to walk down to St. Catherines (Cathies after a former girlfriend) and look around. I`m not sure how but somehow I found myself heading into Super Contact... reccomended by a Red Letter MERBer who shall remain nameless to protect the guilty.... but his initials are CK_NJ.

    OK after that fiasco, I headed back to the hotel and off to bed.

    For Tuesday I had planned on playing golf at L`Ile de Montreal. It rained so I blew it off and walked all over downtown and ate more smoked meat at Famous Dunns.

    I called Borrissa for an appointment and got her machine, but called back after 1:00pm and was rewarded with a 4:00pm session. Most excellent.

    I had an extra spring in my step and a little hitch in my giddyup as I walked back to the Metro with a shit eating grin on my face. Back to the hotel and a long nap. I was supposed to meet Orallover for a cocktail or six and then head to Cleo`s but he forgot which hotel I was at so we ended up missing each other by about 5 hours. He went to Cleo`s around 6;00, I got there around 11:00.

    As I was leaving Cleo`s at 1:00pm I was accosted in the middle of Cathies by this hobbit of a woman with no teeth who tugged on my arm and said, "Sir, Sir... sex for money, sex for money." For an instant I entertained the idea of a "gummy BJ" then thought eeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww. On the NW corner of Urbain and Cathies I met three nice looking street hookers, kind of resembled McGill students but sexier dressed in miniskirts. They wanted $100.00 but I was still sated from my Borrissa session. I didn`t think any of them would want to walk to the Courtyard in high heel boots anyway.

    Off to sleep wondering what to do on my last half day.

    After tossing around ideas. Do I call an SP? Do I call Tracy and ask her to call in sick for a half day? No, I liked Borrissas massage because it was all about me, so I thought I`d take a wild shot and try for the beautiful Kim at Kama. I got lucky she was working and I got a Thai supremo and headed to the airport a very happy man.

    Except for the golf (a strike out) I hit three homeruns (Tracy/Nat) (Bori) (Kim) one double (Cleo`s) a sacrifice bunt (Super contact) and extra innings (smoked meat)

    Again thank you all, and Thank you Montreal, I look forward to my return.
    Cheers, Nacho
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    Great report! Maybe next time you actually play golf with your Sonny Boy! (inside chat room joke, lol)

    MOONEY: Sergeant, I swear! Flying! With a big red cape! And bright red boots as well! Then, quick as a wink - he was gone! Flew up in the air again, he did. Like a big blue bird!
    SERGEANT: Like a big blue bird....with bright red boots! Why don't you take the rest of the night off now, Mooney. Go back to Murphy's bar and finish what you plainly started. I'll be off myself in a bit and join ya there...

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