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Thread: The Night The Lights Went Out On St-Jacques

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    Unhappy The Night The Lights Went Out On St-Jacques

    He was on his way home from work
    Been two weeks dry and he thought he'd stop
    At the no-tell motel and have him a quickie 'fore he went home to her
    She said "Hello"
    And he said "Hi, how's your night"
    "Guy, sit down, and let's have something to drink"
    She said "I'm your best friend for tonight, and you know that's right"
    "But you're not going to see anything tonight"
    "Since Hydro Quebec darkened this whole street"
    Well, he got mad cuz he saw nothing, and she said "Boy, don'tcha lose your head"
    " 'cause to tell ya the truth, you've already paid for me and the room"

    That's the night that the lights went out on St-Jacques
    That's the night that the agencies cried all night
    Well, don't trust your date to no backwoods power company
    'cause they won't get the lights back on tonight


    The power is off at most establishments on St-Jacques, including the Chablis and Colabri. It went off around 8, (about a minute after she confirmed) and as of a few minutes ago, it was still dark.

    So, where were you when the lights went out?


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    Nice rimes TKO!

    Was also around that area last night and was thinking of making a couple of phone calls but changed my plans when I saw the black out...

    So did you go on with your plans? Did the Motel offer some candles? Had I been in your situation, I would have kept my appt., crossed over to the Super C (which had Electricity!) to buy a couple of candles and would have made the best of the situation. Could've turned out to be quite romantic!
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