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Thread: Miss Nevada USA stripped of her's why!

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    Miss Nevada USA stripped of her's why!

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    Is she doing any guest appearances at the Nevada brothels?

    Even better, is she going to work for any Montreal agencies soon?

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    I think they said on L.King last night she was 16 at the time those pics were taken.

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    Who do I call to get a foursome with her and here two friends?

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    Here is a video clip from Miss Nevada's news conference apologizing for her behavior:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Serpico
    Yes, looks like a devilish girl to me. Can't be eleganza, she has boobs! can't be celine's cuz young lady looks like she has no class, can't be xxxtase she doesn't look that desperate, Chris... get you fat ass in here C'mon big guy, oh you GFE trainer God you, make youserlf useful, will ya.
    LOL......very funny post!

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    This is ridiculous. She shouldn't have to apologize.

    People do all kinds of crazy things at wild parties and bars, and yeah, sometimes people take pictures of it, just to laugh about it later on.


    Grow up.

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    Thanks for the link. I was looking all over for those pics. Merry Christmas!
    "better to be shot out of a cannon than squeezed out of a tube"

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    Let me get this straight...she's apologizing for embarrassing the State of Nevada??? How can anything she ever does ever embarrass the state that has Las Vegas as well as the only legal brothels in the United States? Unless she decides to star in Showgirls 2 if someone ever decides to make a sequel.

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    She admits she was 19

    In the linked article she admits she was 19.

    hahaha Maybe she'll be at Cleo's!

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    She just got a $2 million contract to host an orgasm contest!

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    Quote Originally Posted by femaleluver2
    I think they said on L.King last night she was 16 at the time those pics were taken.
    I didn't see L. King but if she is actually 16 in the pics, then it could be child pornography.

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    She was 19 when the pics were taken.

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