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Thread: Virginia Tech Killer saw Escort the month before

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    Virginia Tech Killer saw Escort the month before

    Here we go. Cho saw an escort the previous month and LE was able to trace this activity thru his credit card account. The woman, Chasity Frye, said that she met him at a motel.

    She says "I danced for a little while and I thought we were done because he got up and went to the restroom and began washing. And I said, 'well, do you want me to go? I'm going to go ahead and go'. And he's like, 'I paid for the full hour, you've only been here for 15 minutes,' and then he came back in the room. And I started dancing and that's when he you know, touched me and tried to get on me and that's when I pushed him away."

    Keep in mind that prostitution is illegal in Virginia. So of course all she would say is that she danced for him.

    But do you think she found him so odd that she actually did want to leave in 15 minutes?

    From all that I have read, it seems that he was very sexually repressed, and socially repressed, since he had been taking pictures of women underneath desks, stalking women, and making up stories of a super model girlfriend named Jelly. The latest is that he may have been stalking the first woman that he murdered and then after murdering her rescuer, he continued the rampage. There is no doubt that the whole mass murder was planned.

    I am not a psychologist, but the psychologists interviewed have been suggesting pyschopathy and schzophrenia. I also see an element of sexual repression in the mix of the anti-social behaviour.

    The article below is from the

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    Ya, Virginia really sucks for hobbying, especially southern Virginia, where VA Tech is. Virgina LE really clamps down hard on any prostitution.

    I highly doubt that even if Cho wasn't freaking people out, he still wouldn't have found any quality escorts. That private strip tease would have been the most he'd of got.

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    I freaked an escort out in 2 minutes.
    I must be a murderer then...

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    Sorry to say this, but this gal wouldn't even qualify as the low end of LDL in Montreal. Ah, Virginia. They take the state name a bit too literally.

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