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Thread: Body Worlds 2 @ the Mtl Science Centre

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    Body Worlds 2 @ the Mtl Science Centre

    Body Worlds 2
    At the Montreal Science Centre from May 10 to September 16.

    Some of you may have already seen this in Toronto (or elsewhere in the world) and your reviews would be appreciated, but I'm really looking forward to seeing it here in Montreal! Basically, for those not in the know, it is an anatomical exhibit. The thing is, these are not your regular 'art gallery sculptures', nor are they drawings, or stone/bronze/wax sculptures... these are real people with real organs, muscles and skeletons that are on display! (Dr?) Gunther Von Schaller invented a technique he calls plastination (in 1977!) where all bodily fluids are extracted and are replaced with some kind of epoxy that prevents the cadavers from decomposing and solidifies them into various poses.

    I repeat, these real human beings on display; people who have donated their bodies to science (specifically Von Schaller) and have agreed to have their bodies 'preserved.' I imagine many people will feel awkward/queasy about it being real cadavers, but I think it's too fascinating to pass up! (Remember though that every major European city had an anatomical theatre and people would pay (just as if they were going to the Opera) to see bodies dissected!)

    Apparently this exhibit is constantly packed. I wonder if going first thing in the morning would relieve the crowds a bit...
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    I've seen it about 1 year ago in the USA. One word: AMAZING!

    It's not for everybody as some might get offended but, what these peoples have to remember is, whoever the "subjects" they're going to see are or were, they donated their body for that precise purpose.

    -For you smokers, take a look at the smoker's lung...
    -Need to loose some weight and can't find motivation? Look at the slices of a fat body versus a thin one...

    This exposition is as much about art as it is about instructing peoples on how they're made. This is the closest most peoples will ever be to seeing inside our bodies. All is done with taste, imho. This isn't like looking at pieces of meat at a butcher's shop, it's presenting who we are inside, in an unique way.

    Whoever want to see this, don't expect to see gory, horror-movie type of bodies, there's nothing like that. As I said, it is imho, all tasteful but, you'll see bodies like you'd never expected.

    I would have no problems taking childrens to see this, as long as they're old enough to ask questions, old enough to understand what it's all about, and as long as the parents are ready and prepared to answer these questions. There' was plenty of 8-10yo whenI visited and none ran out screaming or hid behind mom.

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    I saw it in the States last year. I'd highly recommend seeing this exhibit and if you have kids, take them to see it. It's a lot more educational than sitting through a human anatomy lecture. In fact when I saw that exhibit, there were plenty of high school kids on a class excursion. You'll need a minimum of 2h to slowly walk through and appreciate all the exhibits. For me, the most memorable one was that of a healthy liver vs. an oversized liver due to cirrhosis--from drinking.
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