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Thread: Better Choice: Mistress or Escort's?

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    Talking Better Choice: Mistress or Escort's?

    Well fellow Merb`s the title says it all

    I was having a mistress for quite some time, and quite frankly I am starting to think that SP`s are a way to go. When you add up all the presents, travel and aggravations, Sp`s seems to be much less complicated and perhaps even cheaper in the long run.

    Anybody have experience with both situations? What arrangement worked better for you in the long run?


    Ps. Since I am not familiar with the Montreal scene, is it customary to leave a tip in addition to the agreed upon amount? If so, how big of a tip is customary on a 160$-180$ bill? It is not that I am so much worried about the money, but I don`t want to spoil it for the next guy

    Also, do all Montreal escorts ask for the money upfront?

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    I am me, too!
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    Tips? NOOOO!!! Unless something very special happened and you feel the lady went above and behond the "call of duty" with you. Just remember, in a repeat situation,this will be held against you!

    Mistress or SP? I have to say SP all the way! LOTS cheaper on the long run and, once the door is closed when she leave, no worries.

    A mistress, in my opinion, implies an emotional "love" connection. If somebody can't assume it, better not get into it. WIth an SP, it's money and pure sex. Not that you can see her as a "thing", far from it! But she's providing a service to a customer, same as a doctor, and only expect money in exchange, while a mistress expect something else more in return. IMHO, having a mistress, cultivating the illusion with her, and not being able to assume is kind of dishonest for both.

    Most agencies will take payment after. I've seen only one who asked before and, anyhow, I was still satisfied with the service. BUT!! Bon't accept to give the payment to some guy who goes to your room with the girl to collect and then leave! Nothing bad with the idea but, if you read a bit here, this isn't usually a good sign for the services to be provided later on. Better just say no and send both back.

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    SP because the money for sex per service transaction is self evident that the relationship is money for sex. This also means what I say goes in the way the legs are spread, the blow job is performed and how much pussy hair is shaved.
    It also means that the SPs personal problems with money, family, boyfriend, car, apartment, room mates, booze, drugs etc etc are only my problem in as much as they intefere with her performance of her duties. If they are too much I just do not go back ans she cannot find me.

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    I have 2 mistress for the last 4 or 5 years. Its almost the perfect situation for me But i did agencies for a very long time and might go back to it but not now

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    mistress for me

    It is a very interesting issue and one that I have been thinking about.

    The cost is probably similar, though you save money in the end with an sp as when you are away, not able to meet, you dont pay her. The mistress is constant ...

    But mistresses have their own apartment. None of the flea houses, no leaving your id with strangers..

    Mistresses probably are safer...less customers, or maybe just a boyfriend or husband.... so , whether its cim, vaginal sex or whatever, the possibility of leaving the condom , rubberized feeling is safer.

    mistresses can be trained... sp are fixed in their ways... so , if you like her tongue to wander from your balls to your anus, well better chance with the

    mistress is more likely to come and get involved...

    mistress will make you tea, tell you how much she loves you ( until your money runs out)...

    mistress travelling with you for a week end where you can have her wake you up with her tongue , more likely... and she wont charge you 2500 a night

    sp can actually be more complex, especially if they are having a bad day..

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    I'd rather a mistress

    More than likely you dont have to share her with the rest of the city and your sessions can last longer than just a few hours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maria Divina
    Avoir comme maîtresse une escorte?????????
    Have a mistress who Sping ?????????

    Maria Divina xxx
    Well, help us with the individual points... what do you think of them

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    sp much better

    but for guys who need to be loved a mistress is better
    to maria divina: i have had a few mistress who were SP, they ended up to
    be mistress more than SP and there were more problems than pleasure

    MY humble opinion : If you really like an sp , keep paying her as an sp
    you ll have more orgams that way and less headaches...

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    Thanks guys/girls,

    I read all of your responses and I am really warming up to the whole Escort idea.
    Sure, I will miss the whole romantic weekend getaway's, with fancy dinners and great hotels (And no, paying 3000$ for an Escort is just crazy, no matter how much money you have), but I realized for me those those things always go bad. The lady usually wants more and gets hurt.

    I never intend it that way, I never lead anybody on or anything like that, I always tell straight up I'll NEVER leave my SO and they all seem ok with that, they are in it just for fun themselves. However, after few months they tell me how much they love an can't imagine being with anybody else, and I feel like a last ^#&@&@&@.

    So I think I'll just try the Escort route for a while, you guys seem to like it well enough . It will probably be bother me for a while that most of them see me as a $ sign, but hey, it is a business and they gotta eat to

    Just one more question, will they usually try to get me to pay upfront and I should tell them later, or won't they even mention money until the end. I just don't want to look like a sucker
    Concretely, I am looking for Deviliish, Eleganza and XXXTase since they seem to be the most popular around here.


    Ps. This board is truly great, and that HAL guy is my man .Although, you never want to bite off more then you can chew brother (100k), so maybe lay low for a while

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    Smile sp , mistresses and love

    I am not so sure that the mistress thing has to involve love... in my case it was similar to an sp... money for pleasure....all up front and no illusions..which really enhanced the relationship. but , it can vary... I have never actually been with an SP , so I cant compare. But the mistresses I ended up with were similar in their outlook.... and like Maria, loved giving pleasure ... very liberated in bed...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adi
    Just one more question, will they usually try to get me to pay upfront and I should tell them later, or won't they even mention money until the end.

    The best thing is to leave the money close to the telephone in the hotel room. If the SP picks up before the session then you paid her upfront. If she picks it after the session then you paid it in the end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Daddy
    The best thing is to leave the money close to the telephone in the hotel room. If the SP picks up before the session then you paid her upfront. If she picks it after the session then you paid it in the end.
    I normally get business out of the way at the beginning. I used to pay at the end unless told otherwise but I think paying at the beginning makes the SP feel more at ease.

    When I was paying at the end, I've had a few SPs ask me for the money at the beginning while others didn't ask me for the money at all (yes, they still got paid). The way that worked for me was that at the end of the session, they went to the washroom to freshen up or to shower. I would then wait until they finished and stood outside with their donation.

    Now, I will always give the donation at the beginning. I like your idea about leaving it near the phone or table (somewhere where she notices/sees it easily) so she decides.

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    Speaking from no experience (as I am wont to do de temps en temps) I think that there is a danger in ending a relationship with a mistress... in her anger she may be inclined to ruin your other life.

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    I'm NOT talking from experience here... Well, only for some parts

    SP'ing's strong points: You have fun with WHO you want, WHEN you want, WHERE you want. You take a shower, get back home, kiss the wife, everything is fun... You get back home with no string attached (hopefully).

    SP'ing's weak points: You pay everytime. The more time you want to be with other women, the more you pay. Don't fall in love! You can not build anything serious with an SP for as long as you pay her, unless you're delusional, stupid or simply masochistic. Same goes for friendship IMO: Real ones imply no money involved.

    Mistress strong points: You can have great sex (depends on the girl though!), and you can possibly feel what love is all about, once again , really build something nice and mutually exciting and fulfilling. The costs are minimal, or at least you don't feel like you're directly paying for sex.

    Mistress weak points: Limited to one woman. Continuation of the strong points... You can fall in love, and destroy everything else around you (I mean family wise). BE CAREFUL!

    The best of both worlds.... Find a mistress who is also engaged. You'll have great sex, you'll care for each other, but you'll have this barrier knowing that your mate won't leave her BF for you.... And if she does... YOU'RE SCREWED! Worst situation ever!

    Une belle femme est celle qu'on remarque... Une femme charmante est celle par qui on est remarqué...

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    Why "or"? Is it forbidden to hold more than one choice?

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