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Thread: Spot the Former Escort

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    Spot the Former Escort

    Earlier today FHB started an interesting thread - Escorts -- What skill-set do they bring later on?

    Let's introduce a twist by asking a different question. If you were interviewing job applicants would you be able to spot the former service provider?

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    Sure signs....

    Sorry I'm late, my grandmother is in the hospital/just died.

    Sorry I'm late the traffic was awful.

    Photocopying isn't included in my base salary.

    I always shower for the last 1/2 hour of my shift.

    That's my bus driver calling. I have to leave now.

    I can't come today. I just got my period.

    If GG calls again, tell him I'm not here.

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    wow -- this is such a good-looking office!

    Your copy machine is HUGE! I love it!

    It's so big that it's making me sore to use it... Maybe if we try putting the paper in another way...

    Looks like the toner cartridge is empty... I need to go home early.

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