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Thread: What Do You Toronto Guys Do?

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    What Do You Toronto Guys Do?

    Okay, now that I've experienced the Montreal SP scene during my last days in town and have just moved to Toronto, I'm wondering what you Toronto guys do as for hobbying in the GTA? I know that rates are much higher but how would you guys suggest making the transition to the GTA SP scene (without breaking my bank)?

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    Better yet plan your move back to montreal as soon as possible

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    Quote Originally Posted by Love big tits
    Better yet plan your move back to montreal as soon as possible
    My poor car can't take the potholes anymore. Besides, I would rather come visit and stay at a hotel where I can use the outcalls now.

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    I have bad news for you

    You will never, ever adjust to Toronto.

    It is not just that the prices are higher here (which they definitely are), it is that the quality is about 60% of what it is in Montreal, both in terms of looks and services.

    If you want to give it a try, the best outcall agency is Cupids and the best incall agency is roommates.

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    Thanks. I think that there are some SPs with comparable prices outside the GTA like Kitchener, etc. I don't know about quality. Looks like my hobbying activities will definitely decrease.

    But now I'll know what to do whenever I visit Montreal!

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