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Thread: what do you guys or gals know about HPV and transmission

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    what do you guys or gals know about HPV and transmission

    i am interested to know:

    1- can condom protect the transmission (male to female and vice versa)
    2- if i do greek only can i catch it ?
    3- is there any protection from getting it?
    4- i suggest that all the sp get vaccine for hpv

    cuz if you get hpv you could stay asymtomatic (nothing visible..., no
    condyloma) but your future girlfriend or wife (or present) could catch it and
    if she is not vaccinated , she could develop cervical cancer ( thats a very very bad cancer)

    please tell me what you know ...
    i know a lot of young girls who has hpv and some pathological change in their cervix and need to go to gynecologist all the time to burn that cuz this is pre cancer...

    i think this is an important matter to hobbyist cuz your companion (spouse or girlfriend) can live with herpes but she could DIE from cancer with hpv...

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    Quote Originally Posted by hobby11
    i am interested to know:
    If you are interested in this topic, there is now a new Health Info section of MERB which will contain vast amounts of knowledge on STD issues. If you post this question there, I'm sure that you will receive lots of replies.


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    mod please move my thread to new health section

    thank you very much

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    Quote Originally Posted by Equanimity
    This is an important issue for women as there is a link between HPV and cervical cancer but it is relatively rare occurance thank God. It has been estimated that 80% of women contact it sometime in their lives. There is no cure but for most it just goes away.

    The Ontario Government is announcing that it will spend close to $40 million to immunize young teenage women so they are treating this pretty seriously.

    Go to
    for more info
    They should be offering it to ALL women who want it. On the other hand offering it to young teens is almost like saying, 'you're protected.. now go out and have sex!''

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