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Thread: Where do Mature women (35-45) go to get thier rocks off?

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    Where do Mature women (35-45) go to get thier rocks off?

    When they want where can do women like these go?. Guys in this age group go to strip clubs and in a sexually permissive city like Montreal, do women in this age group try to pick up guys too in bars in Montreal. Has anybody had a good experinece ?. I live in Ottawa which is a political town and downright boring, so Montreal is such a big difference. I find some women 35-45 to be quite sexy too if they are educated and sensual besides being in the normal weight range.

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    I know a few that started to offer massages, but then it turns out to be a "all holes open" any cummers welcome. Sort of deal!

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    They go to the mall and go shopping, women are different than men.

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