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Thread: I did not have sexual relations with that woman!!!!!

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    I did not have sexual relations with that woman!!!!!

    Recent survey asked to Canadian students at universities. The question was: "What is sexual relations". 3% said that intercourse was not sexual realation when it was not between boyfriend/girlfriens or husband/wife. 70% said that oral sex is not real sex. and 92% said that masturbation is not sex at all. What are your opinions?

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    BJ or HJ is not sex to the new generation.

    It just goes to show how sex has changes over the years. Old gezzers value sex much more because it was so hard to get when they were younger. Young kids today see sex of all sorts on their computers. (remember when you were a teenager, hiding Penthouse magazine from your folks..........and it was only pics of naked girls, no anal and vaginal penatration like today) Many kids of today do not consider HJs or BJs to be sex. Let me ask you, how many girls out there doing part time or week ends at the massage parlour and offering HJs are students in the university or CGEP system? Wake up, were in the 21 st. century.

    F.Y.I Did you know that Penthouse is in Chapter 11 (bankrupcy protection)? The kids of today will not pay $8 for a magazine when they can get all the free sex pics they want on the internet.

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