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Thread: Relatives in the business.

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    Relatives in the business.

    I have seen a on a few occasions where people that work in the SP or MP business have relatives that are doing the same thing.
    I have encountered mother/ daughter MPs and SPs. Brother/sister SPs (the brother was homosexual) Have any of you seen any of this?

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    Sister/sister SPs

    I was once with a SP that told me that her sister also worked as an SP. She told me that she worked with a few other girls as well as with her sister. One thing that her sister did to her, tramatized her. She told me that it was not uncommon for her to work a duo with another girl, but on one occasion she worked with her sister and her sister started to eat her pussy out. This she did not like and forbade her sister from doing that anymore. After that , if she worked with her sister, they only preformed on the client and not on each other.

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    There's a "sister act" during the daytime shift over at Ferrary. Of course they only take care of the guy and don't do eachother.

    I've had both (separatly) and wrote reviews on Merb. Do a search if interested.

    MG (mtl)

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    My fantasy sister sp's would be the Olson twins
    Bière Froide, Cold Beer! Tricolore jusqu'au bout!
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    Sister act at Laval strip club.

    Years ago there was a sister act at an old laval strip club that was famous for "feeding the Bears" (pussy licking) While I did not have them together, I had them dance for me separatly. Does fingering one sister and then with your still sticky fingers fingering the second sister constitute insest????????????

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