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    Talking need help

    Hi guys and gals,

    really need help. im going to be in ottawa on friday till sunday morning for a bachelor party. any idea's of happening strip clubs there with milage. i want something nice and get our money's worth for the gang of pervert's that are gonna be there and my brother in law whose getting married. any info will be appreciated.



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    Definetely agree. Pigale's is always a rockin good time. Lost of hot women and the mileage is pretty high.

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    Talking cccrrraaazzzyy

    Quote Originally Posted by 10-4Roger
    Yes Sir ! Let`s help him and his brother a little bit for a taste:

    Yah, it`s gonna be crazy. thanks for the response. guarantee will be checking it out. 3 day`s to count

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    Talking Lol

    Quote Originally Posted by 10-4Roger
    How was it???????
    unfortunatelly the party is well it wasn't as expected but wasn't that bad either. we went to a restaurant called Lagos and had supper there. we stayed there the whole night until 2:00am. we were partying with a couple of player's from the senater's which was a good thing.....chick we picked up a couple of quebec that's right and finished the night in our rooms. ate, drank and $%^& but no strip joint . look at the bright side, it didn't cost anything for room


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