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Thread: when it is begin to be like this..please divorce loll!!

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    Talking when it is begin to be like this..please divorce loll!!

    i am glad in a way to be single(not true but in that case yes loll)..damn if my sex life with my wife would be like that...i would divorce her right there lollll
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    IMHO, they are watchint the TV where the camera they use is displayed. The background is just a radio or something. Unless they talk about that at the end, where I just couldn't understand anything.

    Believe me, even if that's their sex life, it's no cause for divorce... Proof is, the guy has a hard-on and is able to fuck and the girl is visibly and audibly enjoying herself.

    Even if the sex would be inexistant, that's not the only base of a good loving relationship and, if it's enough for a divorce, there is way more important problems laying around who are the real root cause, not the lack of sex.

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    I agree. They're watching themselves on the TV, and enjoying what they see.
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    My best guess would be that they are watching a porno flick to add to the stimulation.
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    i dont get it whats wrong wiht the situation

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