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    Advice Please


    We are coming up to Montreal for the weekend and are loking for some advice. I know it sounds cliche, but my stunning wife, thinks she may be ready to experiment with a 3 sum. Please don't get me wrong she is very comfortable in clubs an loves the female figure, but we live a public life back home and the stars have just not lined up yet. I am so fortunate as I am actually married to the perfect wife (for me at least) She is smart, open, stunning at the highest level (5'4" 106lbs, swimsuit figure, etc....) and never says no to things in life.

    If we are going to allow her to experiment, and quite honestly, althought the fantasy of a 3 sum is great (but if it does not happen it doesn't) where can we go to at least have the oppurtunity for it? Are there great fun swinger bars? any strip joints better than others? Any regular bars with girls hang out?

    your advice is appreciated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by raver
    Is she open to an escort? If so that would be the way to go for a first time - call one of the reputable agancies, tell them what you want and they will be sure to send a suitable open-minded lady to the liking of you and the missus. There are swingers clubs in Montreal, but you may not find your comfort level in just a visit or 2.
    I would agree with raver. Contact a "professional" and explain what you're looking for. Perhaps an MPA who provides massage for couples would also be a good way to start. Gets you both used to the idea of a third person involved. Assuming of course it's another woman to make 3.
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    Hey all:

    Sorry for the delay in responding. Computer issues in Ca can just suck. Anyway, we did not end up finding a playmate, but spent some time at the local downtown bars. Oh well, maybe next time.

    Funny, however, only one dancer (out of 6 locations and lots of dancing) every approached us to talk and ask for a dance. I'd think that if I was a dancer and saw a couple that they would be "game". Or do you think that women dancers are uncomfortable with other women?

    This seems to happen to us whenever we go to a club as a couple. Dancers tend to shy away from us. strange.

    Concerning the offers of other guys bringing their own toys and party favors, thanks for the offer, but she really has no interest in a mmf, so i guess sword fighting will not be on the menu at this time, again, sorry.

    As it relates to hiring a "pro", my wife feels that some connection both intellectually and physically is important for an enjoyable encounter. That's hard to do over the phone or on line with an agency. She would much perfer to meet someone she is attracted to, get a postive vibe and then make a decision. Heck in an ideal world she would love to spend the day shopping and doing girlie things, then drinks, dinner and see where it goes...

    Oh well, maybe next time youall can help her find a "girl date"

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    I dont know which clubs you went to but they dont all allow "couple" dances

    or even girl/girl
    Stay thirsty my friends

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    Maybe that was the issue and no-one said anything........

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    I have also had couple dances and f/f dances for an ex gf at deesses as well

    but this 5-6 years ago before the renovations.
    Stay thirsty my friends

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