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Thread: Booking Problems and what to do about it...

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    Booking Problems and what to do about it...

    Recently I booked Amanda with Devilish for day time at 1H30 PM. I was told that she will be at right time. I reached at St. Jacques Chablis at 1H15 and called Delvilish that I am already there. I was told that Amanda will be there in 5-10 minutes. When she did not come at 1H40 I called again and I was told that she is running late so she will come at 2 PM. At 2h05 I called again I was told that she is sick so she can Not come. I asked if some other girl can come in 10-15 minutes. I was told that nobody is available for another 1 hour, but Clara can come after one hour. I said OK. Then I realised after 2-3 minutes that I may be late for my meeting later in the afternoon at my work. I called immediately Devilish that I have to go to work now and therefore please cancel with Clara. Immediately I was told that if I want she can come in 10 minutes. I was shocked. Why at the first place I was not told about the availability of Clara as a replacement girl who was available in 10 mniutes.

    I said no, I will prefer to go with other agency.

    What is going on with Devilish? May be they have preferntial treatment for some important clients and thats how they treat the other non important guys like me by bumping out. I never used Devilish during the evening time because I am a day time guy. Is it a normal trend during the night time also? May be not because they have lot of girls available during the night.


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    during the night shift, they are always 30 minutes late with the booking time.
    it happen with me each time i book a girl there.

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    Last week I had a similar issue; I booked Tyler for 2 hours at the start of her shift (8 pm) at at 815 no show, when I called I was told that she was running late and would be there in an hour; hour and a quarter later she arrives - spend 15 mins in the shower, she was also back and forth on text messages and then is called after 55 mins to leave - so not even the 2 hours kept to; reliability is lacking at the moment

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    Talking Amanda ...


    Unfortunately you were the victim as others were of Amanda cancelling her day.

    The girls have the right to do so and its unfortunate that Amanda did it LAST SECOND.

    She essentially called my driver at the precise time that she should of been where she was supposed to be to inform us that she is running late in which I called to inform you, then I recieve a call saying that she will not be coming in and she was actually in bed!!!!!

    Unfortunately I was the bringer of bad news.

    I did try to replace her by offering you Clara but only 30 min later because thats when she was starting. I tried to get her in early she said it would be possible, but called me back to let me know that she couldnt be ready as early as she thought. Thats why I didnt mention her until after because I was waiting for answer as it if she could come in early. Then she said yes and then realized that realistically she couldnt make it. Both her and I tried out best.

    It would be my pleasure to offer you a free hour for your loss of time/room as it was not within my control.

    As you mentioned I kept you up to date as much as I could with time based on the information she was relaying to me.

    Unfortunately these are situations that we cant control... The responsability of humans. I cant predict it and I am sorry for that and your loss of time as it was a loss for us as well.

    Have a great day.

    The Devils Protege
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    Free hour

    Hi Billy,

    You seems to be a nice guy to offer me a free hour. But few months back xxxtase also offered me a free hour on merb thread, and after that it was forgotten. Mod closed that thread so that nobody could write on it. I tried to get a free hour, but I never got it from xxxtase.

    I hope Devilish agency is more open then xxxtase and more respectful. I will contact you some time soon.

    Please Mod, don't close this thread this time until the matter is settled.

    Hi Merbites, I will let you know as soon as I get free hour with a Develish beauty.


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    I don't think MERB should be used to extort free hours from agencies. While I am not accusing you of using the Board for terrorism, these issues should be settled privately with an agency. Lately it seems as though the days of Robert Gilette have returned to MERB with one hobbyist after another going on the attack with the apparent hopes of getting a freebie by raising a fuss on the Boards.

    I have had more no shows than all of the whiners on this Board combined. I have had HDH no shows and a 4 hour no show where $600 was left on the table. I did not come crying to this Board. I settled my disputes privately, like a man does. But I should note I never accepted discounts or freebies because you know what, shit happens. Yes I was pissed when I had a 4 hour booking with Eleganza and the date gets cancelled an hour beforehand. But on the other hand John has sent me a ton of great ladies over the years. You take the good with the bad. From what I have seen lately some posters who in my eyes are really peons and carry no cachet here seem to be trying to get various agencies to bow to Board pressure. They claim to be posting for the good of all hobbyists but they want a free hour, plain and simple. We cannot let these bad apples spoil things for the paying customers who take the good with the bad. Mods, please start cracking down on these bad apples, they are going to spoil the cider if they are not pasteurized out of the mix.

    Chris's girls have no showed me as much as anyone and one even menstruated on my back, ask him if I ever asked for a fucking dime of favor from him or any of his agencies.
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    Hello everyone,

    As this thread does not deal with a SP review but with booking difficulties, it has been moved to the Lounge. I would also like to remind everyone that such problems can often be resolved by dealing directly with the agency involved.
    Booking problems can happen with any agency and are generally due to situations out of their control. These situations should only be brought to MERB when all other methods to obtain an acceptable explanation have been exhausted.

    Thank you,

    Mod 8

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    I agree that a free hour from an agency seems to be extremely generous and should not be necessary/expected in these situations. IMO SP's showing up late or not showing up at all is part of this hobby. Devilish seems to have done their part keeping you as informed as they could and IMO that's all that can be expected.

    The room can always be used for another SP.

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    I agree a 100% with EB.
    Cancellations by agencies and customers are a fact of life in this biz.
    If Chris gives in to this public attempt at extortion....he will be swamped by dozens of "me too" requests for a free hour.
    BTW Chris do you remember 3 years ago when I`d complained to you about bad service from a biker girl you`d hired....well you fired her soon enough but I never got my free hour

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    Quote Originally Posted by wantbigbreasted
    What is going on with Devilish? May be they have preferntial treatment for some important clients and thats how they treat the other non important guys like me by bumping out.
    How would they know you are or are not an important client? I fully expect that for large volume consumers/repeat customers, some preference is made, but there are a lot of customers who would remain anonymous, booking a hotel room, and not provide identifying information.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cloudsurf
    I agree a 100% with EB.
    Cancellations by agencies and customers are a fact of life in this biz.
    If Chris gives in to this public attempt at extortion....he will be swamped by dozens of "me too" requests for a free hour.
    I would agree with the above.

    Cancellation is a fact of life in this biz and the agencies are not responsible if their girls cancel a shift which does happen often. However I do think agencies are responsible for keeping their clients informed (whether delivery is at risk or the girl is not reliable for appointments) which in WBB's case it does not sound like Devilish has done all they could. Maybe a credit for the unused room is reasonable in this case but that should have been dealt with in private off the board.

    By offering a free hour in public here, Billy is essentially admitting their "guilt" and is encouraging future attempts to extort free hours from Devilish.
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    No control

    We have to realize that agencys and MPs don't have any say when it comes to avalabilities of the girls, most of them work when they need money right away,or know when a good client is gonna call or come!!!

    When I had my MP, I was at the mercy of my staff!!!! And I had to tell them, 'Thanks for coming in today", and they walked out with more money than I did

    To complain About no shows on the board......just plain stupid!!! Complaining about attitudes, services, pricing, and rip offs, thats another story, and welcomed!!! But to try and smear the reputation of an agency or Mp on a public board, in the hopes of recieving a free session........not cool!

    Maybe people should try and understand with what type of people theses agencys and MPs are dealing with, then maybe they would think twice about posting coments on the board.

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    Always have a back up plan when you book somebody, just in case, there is enought agency announcing here to find you a decent replacement, even if it was not your first choice. Considering the room price, and if you are like me coming from another town the fuel/bus price, it would be sad to spend 130$ for nothing, so better to have a backup plan.
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    I'm always amazed that people expect ISO 20000 quality in this hobby.

    Never forget that most girls are young and like to party. They also get hangovers.
    Escorts are like a box of chocolate, you never know what you gonna get! Especially with a repeat!!!!

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