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Thread: Bi girls (girls for couples)

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    Bi girls (girls for couples)

    My GF and I visit Montreal from time to time.
    We've had mixed luck
    Main issue: finding bi-girls
    We're really easy on the girls (I don't fuck them... my GF just don't dig that; but there's lots of oral)
    GFE is required
    interest in girls is required (my GF don't like to just watch)

    So, what's the best way to find bi- girls?
    We're ready to take a trip and sample the best that we can find.

    (oh, btw, we prefer the skinny and young type; natural only)

    Ideas? Any advice is gratefully accepted.

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    Try visiting any of our afterhours or better yet attend the huge raves. If you're gf is attractive, you should have no problem spotting the bi's.

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