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Thread: How to maintain your privacy

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    How to maintain your privacy

    teddy12345 posted a worry about an agency collecting some personal identifying information about him (his telephone number).

    I`d like to respond, but this is a broader topic that merely protecting oneself from an agency collecting information, and so i started this thread.

    - Throw-away mobile phone, registered with a fake name. Try to find a model without GPS. (Keep the phone in a safe deposit box at a bank you SO doesn`t know about.
    Have that bank statement sent to your office, or a post office box)
    - Maintain a slush fund at the secret bank so there are no unexplainable cash withdrawals from any joint accounts.
    - Never use debit or credit card for sex services.
    - Use Firefox in `safe browsing mode` for all MERB and escort website visits and email communication with agencies.
    - Maintain a discrete email account and make sure your browser doesn`t do auto-complete or retain the password.
    - don`t admit to being a MERB member, or use your MERB handle with a provider in person, on the phone, or by email. Ever. We have discussed the difficulties of a police warrant being served to MERB to divulge information related to a user account, it is an interesting thought exercise to consider a similar situation under the auspices of divorce proceedings.
    - Use different tone, language and fake facts amidst your MERB postings so you aren`t easily recognizable.

    - use hotels far enough away from your regular place of business and home to avoid coincidental encounters with people you know. Pay cash.
    - do not let the girl get close to you if you are wearing clothes that might carry the scent of perfume a 20 year-old might wear, back to your home.
    - shower afterwards.
    - make certain your outings have proper alibis for your absence. Don`t count on someone to corroborate your absence without prepping them first "Bill? No, he isn`t in the office this morning. I thought he was staying home with a sick kid ..."
    - be able to afford a Kobe Special
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