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Thread: Do you choose your MP / SP from info on the internet?

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    Do you choose your MP / SP from info on the internet?

    I have to say that I make my choices for MPs / SPs greatly through info from the internet. Even pics on Craigslist can be fake or old photos. It is through the experiences of others that I get better quality service now and greater value. Before the internet ( 10 years and before ) It was a hit and miss situation. If you got a good one, you stuck to her. Whats is your experience? Do you go by info from the internet for your MP / SP choices?

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    The reviews and comments by members on merb, terb, and montrealmassage definitely factor into my choices.
    The other thing is how the MPAs and the spa owners participate on the different boards and how they advertise.
    It also depends on how horny I am and what end of town I happen to be in at the time.

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    Internet info makes a big differnce in my choices. I have probable saved myself a lot of money by staying away from the bad places.

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    I only rely upon referrals. I don't trust any ads.

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    I did allot of reading and allot of research on all of the boards before I chose. I took into consideration the style of the SP's writings, her posts and website(s). If the website is well done and tasteful it shows that the lady invested some time and money into her business. If she lists in many places, it also shows an investment. Personally, I would never choose from CL or easy to be taken or scammed. Also I read reviews - even those from old archives. I googled and searched extensively. I tried to contact board members, but when you have no history (as I did not then) it is difficult to get replies.

    And then chose based on the facts I could find coupled wit my "gut" feel (mostly this because I am an intuitive decision maker). I corresponded and if I liked the style and content of the replies, I booked. So far, I must say, I have been very lucky / fortunate and I am happy with my choices so far...and particularly very happy with one...
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    Enjoy life my friends....

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