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Thread: DJ software for a PC

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    DJ software for a PC

    I've been comparing a few different DJ programs for my PC but haven't been able to find anything that really stands out above the rest.

    I need a DJ program for my PC to do some light DJ work. Nothing to technical, I just need to be able to play what's on my pc at a club or a party. I currently use Itunes to keep my music organized.

    Anyone have reccomendations for a decent DJ program that will run on my PC with a Vista operating system?

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    Atomix Virtual DJ is one of the best. It's available in a number of versions from home to pro. you can download a demo version to see if it does the job you want. But if all you want is a basic player to make play lists and do basic fades, you can always use the old standby, Winamp.
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    Great program, integrates well with iTunes, most modern DJ gear and is an industry standard.

    Disclosure: My boy uses/controls it with a Denon digital "turntable" thingy on a Mac, works really well, easy to set up.

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