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Thread: The 2011 Official NFL Thread.

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    The 2011 Official NFL Thread.

    I thought that I would get a early start with the NFL just around the corner, here are some of joe.t's fearless predictions!!!.

    AFC EAST -

    1. New York Jets(11-5, AFC Champions)

    2. New England Patroits(9-7, will not make the playoffs)

    3. Buffalo Bills(8-8)

    4. Miami Dolphins(5-12)

    Super Bowl - New York Jets over the Philadelphia Eagles.

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    My predictions (Based on schedules) for NFC North:

    1) Green Bay Packers (11-5 NFC Championship appearance)
    2) Chicago Bears (8-8)
    3) Minnesota Vikings (6-10 new coaching, McNabb's washed up)
    4) Detroit Lions (5-11 Tough schedule 2nd half of season)

    NFC Championship - Falcons vs Green Bay
    AFC Championship - Jets vs Steelers

    Note-Philadelphia acquired many new players from different styles of offenses and defenses. Not enough time to blend because of training camp hold out. Eagles lose to ATL or GB in playoffs. Falcons and Packers have their teams from last year and will set the bar for NFC. Dont forget, the game is evolving and only teams such as Jets, Falcons, Packers, Steelers and Titans seem to understand how the game must be played now. Patriots play calling is the same as its been for years : Let Brady throw and give Welker the swing passes. This season should be very interesting.

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    A healthy Romo, plus the additions that Jerry Jones has brought in and a coach that really had this team playing after he took over last season W/O Romo, look out NFC.

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