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Thread: Looking for help -Niagra Falls Ontario

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    Looking for help -Niagra Falls Ontario

    I am heading to niagra falls Ontario in two weeks. I am going for the weekend, stricktly for escorts, maybe some strip clubs and dinners. I might even walk around the casino...
    I don't know anything about niagra, some help on the escorts (incall or outcall) in the area and strip clubs would be appreciated.

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    I would like to thank reverdy in public for helping me through pm and guiding me in th right direction. He made me aware of gterb and two reputable agencies with a bit of feedback on both of them, temptations and diamonds.

    I tried becoming a member on gterb but so far my account is still not working....

    I did some reading on some of the agency girls and I have a few options in mind for when I head over to the Ontario falls. Reading leads to more reading and I am also interested in some indys, hot little heather "HLH" and Miss velvet touch. I am still seeking help for my trip to Niagara.

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    I haven't been to the Falls in ages. But from what I remember just go on Lundy's Lane and head in the opposite direction of the downtown area. The club you're looking for is Sundowner which is the best club in the area. There's also another club next to it, can't remember the name of it but that club is a full service club as opposed to Sundowner which is just grabbing.
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    One of the reasons why I never tried to see HLH and Velvet Touch is that both have booking protocols that are somewhat of an hassle. Apparently, Velvet Touch has potential first-time customers go through a fairly lenghty process before she accepts to see them. Both have also been known for no-shows without warning, or not to respond to emails/texts/calls.

    They also have the tendency of getting into arguments or rather nasty fights on the boards (especially Gterb), often about (what I consider to be) trivial comments/suggestions made by other board members; HLH in fact got banned from another local board for all the mayhem she was causing on it. I like women with feisty attitudes as much as the next guy, but in their case I just find it to be too much. I am probably wrong and it is then my loss, but I don't feel like spending $200/h + room to find out if whether I am wrong about them.

    Both look great from what I have seen on their websites, and have plenty of good reviews in Niagara but given the caveats above, I fee that there is just too many good options that involve less potential problems in the GTA, to bother.

    If you decide to take the plunge with one of them, let me know how it goes; I might change my mind.

    The club TheDon makes reference to, that is next to the Sundowner, is Seductions.

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    Anyone else? Tips/advise?

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    There are fairly good experiences to be had with Temptations in NF. The other two major agencies there do more missing than hitting. The NF agency that looks too good to be true is.

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    Thank you underdog98, I will
    take that into consideration!!

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