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Thread: No black men please

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    No black men please

    Here in the US I notice many SP's, black and white, stipulating under their advertisements "no black men please" or a variant of that I even seen "no black men under the age of 30." For me this is not a big deal b/c I am not black however I could see why some men of color might get frustrated with this policy of uniforming rejecting a person on race.

    Recently spoke to a SP about this and she responded "I don't believe in race mixing." I subsequently asked her who she voted for and she responded Barack Obama which I found ironic and hypocritical - she won't bang him b/c of skin color but it's alright to vote for him. She finally remarked that it's a personal preference not to see black men but I could not help but think isn't choosing not to be racist a personal preference?

    I'm trying understand why so many SP's say they do not see black men, is it:

    1. b/c black men have bigger members

    2. b/c black men are more aggressive/belligerent

    3. b/c the SP's are simply racist

    Can anyone shed any insight on this?
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    Please refer to the thread Alyssa was kind enough to link to.

    Thread closed.

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