everyone have a good holiday!?!?!? lots of food, drink and sex!

i got plenty of the first 2 but only a little of the latter.

looking back, i just wanted to send out a big thanks to all the ppl in the hobby who helped me enjoy things

-bookers frank, billy+mike, john+joe, jessy, jeff, all the martin's, peter!
-the women, u all know who u are... even the retired ones and the ones who are "friends...", the ones who just sat on top and didn't move and made me laugh, hell even the ones who made me laugh with their words and not just an open mouth. lol
-to the drivers who got my special delivery to the hotel on-time 90% of the time despite student protests
-to the hotel staff who always get me whatever i needed on a silver platter and a smile! who knew i'd go through 7 towels in an evening without a plumbing leak to speak of.
-thanks to the restaurants to stayed open late so i could scarf down some food after draining my batteries and whatever else got drained during the evening's activities. haha
-fellow hobbyists who were their usual selves spitting out meeting reports and everyone else who bothered to post a revu, no matter how brief or cryptic!
-to the mods who made merb so damn interesting to visit!
and finally to the special few who made 2012 memorable... no names or aliases need to be mentioned, you've been told who you are!

let's have more of the same in 2013 people!