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Thread: Any suggestions for places where my wife can have fun with a girl?

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    Any suggestions for places where my wife can have fun with a girl?

    Hi everybody,

    We will be in montreal next week and my wife want to have fun with a girl (kissing, caresses, massage,ect...). She don't want to meet a escort, so I need suggestions for nice classy places to bring her (massage parlors or strip clubs?).

    Feedbacks from other couples or girls would be really great.

    Thank you!

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    Look behind you.
    I have seen females go in the back booths at Le Gent in Marieville, try and call spa ISIS or 2214 and ask. Best I can think of.

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    club echangiste 1082 maybe ;-)
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    1082 is no more...

    Celeste, 3333, or Lorage are your Mtl area choices for swingset crowd.
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    Check out either Samina or Maxime @ Isis. I suppose if you wanted Real Fun ... get both. LOL

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    laval or west island
    L orage is couples only on Saturday. It's the best place cause they only allow couples or single girls

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