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Thread: How to enjoy your time with an sp without regrets =rules 101

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    How to enjoy your time with an sp without regrets =rules 101

    Avoid sp with fake pics=avoid sp who change number every two weeks=.avoid sp who change name every time=avoid sp who change the price every weeks=avoid sp with an attidud those have pimps by the way.avoid sp who didint respect the apointement=.avoid smelly sp.after that your chance to get a good time is great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kev3020 View Post
    avoid sp who change name every time.
    Now that eliminates half of the sps.

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    only the greats ones stays, after that montreal will be on the map for the best sps ever. yer!!!!!!!

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    c'est le fun quand une S.P. change de nom ca change la routine.

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    Look behind you.
    After you find a SP do a search here. If no name in ad be cautious. If on ann123 search last 4 numbers and see if agency or not. Get restrictions before you book and extra costs if any. If you open the door and you do not like what you see walk away or send her away and do not offer money for her to leave. By all means be clean, sober and treat her with respect.

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    Whats up with Kev lately? Signed up in 2009, yet i never noticed him before, yet now i see him make this kind of thread everyday for the past 3-4 days... Im starting to think he had a very bad encounter and is on a revenge/complaining mode.... or i dunno.
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    Get them while they're fresh by being the 1st or 2nd client and not the last client of the night.
    "Just When I Thought I Was Out.....They Pull Me Back In!!!"

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    what do you guys think of a girl that adverts "leaving the country real soon and need cash to spend while on vacation"?

    I did ring her up and she answered. she told me her rates and where we could meet. but a girl adverting that she's gonna leave the country is kind of strange. also she has very few posts.

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