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Thread: Had probs with immigration

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    Had probs with immigration

    I told them I was there for vacation, and they send me to the immigration people. There, they didn't pester me, the guy just talked about being a lawyer, and then stamped my passport with the immigration thing, then I got searched the hell out of when I went to turn in the custom's card.

    Is that stamp something bad for the future? They asked me why I never had a stamp in the past from immigration, and only from customs. Is this normal/abnormal? My passport is due to be replaces anyways, as it expires in November...

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    Same thing happens to me as well as all Americans and non-Canadians entering the country. Technically, the authorities are following the letter of the law. The stamp (visa) indicates your legal presence in the country. Maximum stay is 6 months per visit.

    You know how we have massive problems with Foreign Nationals overstaying their visas in the States (illegal immigrants)? Same thing for Canadian gov't.

    There was a Kevin Costner movie in the '80s called No Way Out. In it, they interview a South African witness. The "suit" takes her passport and says "I don't see a valid visa. You're an illegal alien. In one phone call, I could have you on the next plane to Johannesburg. I'm assuming you don't want that to happen."

    Though, I've never heard of a widespread problem with Americans staying too long in Canada , and it's always frustrating getting interrogated and/or searched each time.

    If it really bugs you, apply for a NEXUS card if you drive in and a CANPASS for flying in.

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    It's about time you US guys get annoyed same as we do! Entering the USA can sometimes be a real pain for us Canadians so, it's only normal the same treatment is applied the other way around.
    Welcome to Canada anyway!

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