Montreal Escorts

first time amatuer SPs


groinacoligist PhD.
Aug 28, 2003
london UK
Many years ago when I was into the street scene I arrived at the St. Laurent and St. catherine areas to cruise around but the street was deserted, little did I know that the police had just swept the area (because the Queen was in town and her motorcade was going to pass along just south of there on Dorchester street (now Rene LePIGveque) street. I cruise around and didn t see any SPs except for a plain looking overweight girl about 22 years old. well after passing her about 5 time in my car, I stoped and asked her how much.she said $50......but to get rid of her I said $20, to my surprise she agreed. Well, I took her to a tourist room and got full service and tea bagged her. I also manouvered my butt hole over to her lips. she resisted, but I finaly got her to eat my butt......I also pumped her plump butt. I enjoyed myself so much that I asked her for her number, she told me that she only came down when she needed money and the only way I can see her again was by chance..........Anyways , with the help of her majesty I preformed my duties for queen and country.:cool:
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