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Moving up from stripping


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Aug 23, 2003
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I posted this a little whiles ago on the Strip clubs section:

I saw a girl who called herself Mina a little while back at Caleche. I've seen her at Francis as well. Tall (5'8) redhead with a nice face, natural D cups, tatoo on her right arm of a cross with a loop on top (egyptian sign or something). She usually wears corsets.

Someone told me she also worked at Kamasutra occasionally.

I was wondering if maybe she had stopped dancing and decided to "expand her horizons". I was also wondering if anyone had extra info on her maybe let me know if she was as good as I think she might have been.

Any info would be great in my quest to find the one that got away! Who knows, maybe I could actually find her for more than just nice mileage dances

tanks guys for all the info you provide on this bored.
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