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  7. Risky business: health and safety in the sex industry over a 9 year period
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  10. is it really safe or clean to dfk a gfe escort?
  11. Has anyone had an experience with catching sometime from an escort?
  12. counterfeit viagra scam?
  13. Impotence drugs may increase risk for sudden hearing loss
  14. Premature Ejaculaton
  15. Retirement & Warning
  16. What can you get from licking a chick?
  17. Etes vous intelligent? Faire l'amour sans condom
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  20. Infected by the HPV - How to let the girl know
  21. STD from Handjob?
  22. BBBJ bare back blow jobs
  23. Swallow/avaler ???
  24. I'm going to use myself as a guinea pig
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  26. Performing DATY on an SP
  27. The condom broke!!! Help!!
  28. Anyone ever gotten NGU?
  29. menstruation
  30. BBBJ, digit health concerns
  31. “High risk” Gentlemen/Ladies and health concerns of the sex industry
  32. Recrudescence de la gonorrhée chez les jeunes
  33. Murder trial to begin in HIV infection case
  34. Are you immune from HIV/AIDS?
  35. Going for a second round (and third...)
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  38. Vos avez pas peur ???
  39. BUUUUURRRRRKKKKK!!! DATY no more...
  40. Condom question
  41. Blowing Larger Loads
  42. any reported HIV transmission in massage parlors ?
  43. Urgent, Need Help From You
  44. Chances of HIV transmission from woman to man
  45. Do agencys test their SPs for STD`s/HIV?
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  47. What do you do when you encounter an SP with warts?
  48. Surprised start and finish
  49. STD Testing : Where to go
  50. Viagra?
  51. My first STD
  52. I caught Gonorrhea from BBBJ
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  54. Vision Problem- Central Serous Retinopathy (CSR)
  55. Implications of a "Reportable Disease" in Quebec
  56. Erase, Gonorrhea and the Future
  57. Balance between pleasure and risks
  58. Gonorrhea and the policy of this board - a suggestion
  59. Massage std's
  60. HIV in Quebec - Simple Calculations
  61. how much is the risk of DFK?
  62. Finger Herpes
  63. std's from bbbj
  64. embarrassing question
  65. Pipe sans condom : Danger où mythe?
  66. Penis size ! =)
  67. Taking it up the ass
  68. STD and Oral Sex - What we can do
  69. gonorrhea risks becoming "superbug"
  70. cancer de la bouche et sexe oral
  71. A damn mental barrier!
  72. Herpes: the good news, the bad news, and the really bad news
  73. Just trying to help
  74. Waxing: How much painful??
  75. Concerns about HPV
  76. Chlamydia
  77. Places to get tested
  78. Risques
  79. Scared paranoid...please help...
  80. Condom broke during anal sex........
  81. STD Exam
  82. Is rimming risky? Les relation oral anal (analingus) sont-elles risquées.
  83. bed bugs
  84. Addicted to Porn?
  85. STI Risks Chart
  86. BJ by an Escort Girl?
  87. Question from a woman....
  88. Hairy question
  89. STD indy vs agency
  90. 81 mg Daily Low Dose Aspirin
  91. STD treatment in US
  92. What can you catch from Ball Sucking?
  93. odeur vaginal??
  95. scared but relieved
  96. Long lasting cream
  97. Testing
  98. Soar throat from DATY
  99. New gonorrhea strain resistant to all antibiotics...
  100. Male sexual performance enhancement drugs health warnings
  101. Red marks on my pelvic area.......
  102. "Performance enchancers"
  103. Testosterone level
  104. Why am I attracted to escorts... anybody ever asked himself the same question...
  105. Gel Cuts Women’s Risk of Herpes, Study Finds
  106. A testicular cancer ad that gets your attention
  107. Experimental HIV Vaccine Approved By FDA For Human Testing
  108. DFK risky?
  109. What every man should know about their sexual health
  110. Defective Breast Implants -- Implants mammaires défectueux
  111. SP with UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), should guys be worried
  112. massage better than Advil...
  113. Syphillis on the rise caused by unsafe sex practices....
  114. Masturbation???Healthy or not...
  115. Is it strange to use a dental dam on an SP?
  116. US FDA Approves First Over-the-Counter HIV test kit
  117. Une masseuse m'a donné un cadeau...
  118. Clinique L'actuel
  119. Testosterone Shots
  120. Attrapé des condylomes...
  121. bush or no bush
  122. Alternatives to prescription Viagra / Cialis?
  123. Stella - by & for sex workers organization
  124. Condom
  126. Help with erectile dysfuction ?
  127. Tu es sans papiers? Tu n'as pas de carte d'assurance maladie?
  128. Undocumented? No access to health care coverage?
  129. Vous souciez-vous des questions liées à la santé, la sécurité,et au travail du sexe?
  130. Do you get flu shot?
  131. Bbbj's and STD's
  132. Attention Adult Industry Managers /Gestionnaires de L'industrie Pour Adultes
  133. STD Risk Calculator... Good for looking at Risks with SPs
  134. Arrested for carrying condoms
  135. Is it safe to take a shower at SP?
  136. fyi .... from the UNITED STATES Disease Dept.
  137. Super-Gonorrhea
  138. BBBJ par Stella
  139. best penis enlargement products
  140. Recherche outils pour retarder l'éjaculation précoce
  141. Sex with condom, no skin contact
  142. Vaginal Contractions Voluntary Or Involuntary?
  143. Male healthy lifestyle
  144. Omega 3 Fish Oils linked to higher Prostate Cancer Risk
  145. Flavored water
  146. Psychologist - sex therapist needed
  147. Beware of Swimming in Sweden
  148. McGill Desire and Sexual Arousal Study
  149. Doctor for checking penis
  150. Stella est un organisme par et pour les travailleuses du sexe.
  151. Braces on teeth
  152. Is there an age when it becomes harder to ejaculate?
  153. erection trouble with the wife
  154. pressing vagina on uncovered penis
  155. Condom Broke. Help !
  156. Herpes?
  157. HIV killing condom approved in Australia
  158. STD Human papillomavirus awareness and vaccinated ?????
  159. How long should I wait to see an SP after removing a tooth?
  160. STDs
  161. protection for DATY ?
  162. Quelqu'un a déjà vécu un oedeme au prépuce suite a un decalotage trop fréquent?
  163. bleu sur le gland
  164. Limited ejaculate due to older age and vascectomy
  165. Getting soft with SP
  166. Washing your hands after going to the toilet.
  167. Incall Hotels
  168. VIH/SIDA - Bonne nouvelle!
  169. staxyn & levitra
  170. Condom Broke Inside SP, Very worried, can i call booker
  171. EDD cure?
  172. Best Vitamins Aka drugs boosts sex drive AND causes arousal
  173. Where to get chlamedia treatment without prescription
  174. Dealing with razor bumps down there.
  175. It Looks Like The BBBJ Is Now Too Risky
  176. Meth / Speed and erections?
  177. Marketing Ploy? Viagra: See your MD if your erection last longer than 4 hours
  178. Condom allergy????
  179. Sex Addicted
  180. Energy drinks and performance issues
  181. lelo hex condoms
  182. In praise of Clinique Actuel
  183. Vaginal bleeding/spotting
  184. Testing for non-Canadians
  185. Detatched Retina
  186. is STD can be caused by DFK and BBBJ?
  187. Unclean ladies?
  188. STD testing - personal test cycle and Agency policy
  189. Pour durée plus longtemps!!
  190. Female/Internal condoms
  191. gland irrité ou sec, quoi faire?
  192. Best and fatest place to get tested
  193. kyste sur le pénis
  194. Do agencies test their girls?
  195. How to ask?
  196. Acheter un test de dépistage des ITSS sur internet
  197. La santé mentale des hommes
  198. Tinnitus, anyone found a remedy?
  199. Getting a Prescription from the US filled in Canada
  200. Rebecca **** Help I has to find please
  201. Having hip and thigh pains.....
  202. HPV oral cancer
  203. Question on protection etiquette
  204. trojan xoxo condoms
  205. first time with SP, now freaking out about STDs
  206. People with high anxiety
  207. Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction
  208. Grow Your Penis
  209. Magnum Pump XR
  210. Condom le plus confortable
  211. At what age we wake up in the morning without being erect?
  212. Bionic Penis. Inflatable Penis Prosthetic