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Thread: Deleting threads or posts

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    Deleting threads or posts

    This has only happened a couple of times to me but I read it here also once in awhile. May I suggest that if a mod deletes a post or thread to PM the poster. The first time I thought I did not post by mistake and re-posted only to get a warning that my post was not allowed ( really did not know ). Happened again recently and in the back of my head I am thinking it was maybe not allowed but the other 2 voices are saying it was only the kush and you did not hit post, re-send we are right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John S. Black View Post
    If someone here goes to another forum only to complain...
    Hello JSB,

    I saw the thread by STN you are referring to. I didn't post for the reason you point out. Plus, who gives damn about them. But, the subject here about explaining thread deletions is valid. Plenty of threads that have nothing to do with pissing elsewhere have been deleted without explanation. I agree with STN that members should be notified why threads are deleted regardless of subject. Lately the mods do close a thread and note future removal. But not always. I agree that STNs latest thread should not have been made. Still, though the reason for deletion was obvious, a quick PM to explain should have been sent.

    BTW...if you present the same position you gave here wherever you post...good luck with your membership.


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    We usually send a message to the thread starter when a thread is removed. With the new report function that has become much easier for us to do. In some cases Fred or an admin deletes a post and do not bother to send a message. When a thread is started by a spammer or a troll, that person is suspended when the thread is deleted. Such threads are deleted without notice. No one should be surprised when a thread dealing with another message board is deleted as we have a long standing policy here on MERB not to comment on other boards. We have no need of such discussions to artificially boost our traffic or post count.

    Any thread that goes against MERB rules in regards to respectful posting or deals with private, personal information or in a recent case, children, will be removed without notice when discovered. A number of such threads have been removed recently and the thread starters have received a warning as to why they were removed.

    And at times there are also threads which are deleted by the thread starter.

    Any member who is wondering what happened to any particular thread need only PM a moderator and we will send an explanation for the deletion.


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