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Thread: Movies that take place in Montreal

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    Movies that take place in Montreal

    I can only recall two major movies in recent Hollywood history that give Montreal a starring role: The Score and The Jackal. However, both of these movies treat Montreal as just another city, easily interchangeable with NY, LA, Chicago, etc.

    In The Score, the only thing that makes you feel like you're in Montreal is a small scene where Ed Norton speaks French to a street cop. (BTW, as a baltimoron, loved the scene where Ed Norton, another baltimoron, puts on an Orioles cap!)

    In The Jackal, the cops stop in Montreal, while chasing Bruce Willis as the Jackal because "Canada is the easiest way to get into the US, and particularly by boat." Then, Bruce Willis crosses the border and ends up in Chicago! That must be one awesome boat! Has anyone ever crossed the border by boat? What's that like?

    So what are other movies that showcase Montreal (instead of Montreal "pretending" to be some other city)?

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    crossing by boat

    There are several places where you can cross the border by boat. Lakes like Lake champlain and memphremagog straddle the border. You have to figure where the border is and go to the shore with your boat.

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    I don't know why, but most, if not all, movies that have been shot in Montreal have turned out to be busts. Maybe it's because movie companies must leave some of their best technical equipment back in the US or simply that don't have access to the same kind of technical support as they normally would in Hollywood. In the movie The Score, i remember that many of the scenes appeared to have been shot with very little lighting, making it harder and less interesting for moviegoers to watch on the big screen. Once someone told me that scarce use of lighting was often an attempt by movie companies to save on expenses. Given the cast in the The Score with Deniro, Brando and North, it wouldn't be surprising if execs had to cut on some of the other expenses.


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    The Whole Nine Yard was filmed in Montreal and it takes place in Montreal. It starred Bruce Willis and Matthew Perry.

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    Rabid, a David Cronenberg film was filmed primarily on Nun's Island but I don't know if it was set there in the film. His film Scanners was also filmed partly in Montreal, the opening scene I believe, was shot in the food court at the old 20/20 in the metro system.

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    It's obviously not recent, but wasn't the original version of "The Fly" set in Montreal?

    It was made in 1958 and starred Vincent Price. The 1986 remake was good, but the original was better.
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    The remake of Rollerball was filmed partly in Montreal. There is a scene outside one of the 'Rollerball arena,' which is actually the Montreal Casino.

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    Thanks. I'll have to see these on DVD, particularly The Whole Nine Yards, althouth Matthew Perry has got to come up with something new besides his Chandler schtick...

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    The sum of all fears

    The "sum of all fears" was filmed in Montreal, pretending to be several cities including Baltimore.

    At one point towards the middle of the movie, there is a scene happening in some souther russian port and in the background... The Molson Brewery clock!

    The bad guys also have their meetings in a building on De La Commune Street.

    For people interested in looking for Montreal in movies, this link to the Internet Movie Database can be fun.

    Productions filmed in Montreal


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    Sum of All Fears

    Aargh! As a lifelong resident of Baltimore, how disappointing that they not only use Montreal as Baltimore, but in the movie, they nuke the entire city!

    I remember that movie. The football stadium didn't look too much like PSINet stadium and the football team was supposed to be the Ravens?! At least they had the purple color right. Maybe the Ravens didn't want to license their logo for this movie.

    All that gets filmed in Baltimore is stuff like The Wire and Homicide. Well, maybe the Orioles will have a chance this year (not!). They'll prolly mess up their lead and it'll be yet another Red Sox/Yankees year.

    Oh well, been waiting since 1983, and getting used to it.

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    The Aviator?

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    Question movies in Montreal

    DRIVEN :
    A young hot shot driver is in the middle of a championship season and is coming apart at the seams. A former CART champion ( Stalone )
    is called in to give him guidance.
    they race in the tunnel under ( palais de congres).

    Halley Barry
    Ghost story in which a repressed female psychiatrist ( Halley ) wakes up as a patient in the very asylum where she worked with no memory of why she is there and what she has done.
    it was film in a hold emty ( National bank Downtown )

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    Filming in Canada

    Thanks to a favorable exchange rate, aggressive marketing by the Film Boards of several Canadian cities, and the abundance of cheaper-than-US production crews, Canada has been a favorite location of TV and feature film producers for many years.

    The Commish (a long gone TV series starring Michael Chiklis of The Shield) was set in New Jersey but filmed in Vancouver. New York Minute starring the Olson Twins was shot in Toronto. The exteriors of the old Madison Square Garden shown in Cinderella Man (I liked it better when it was called Rocky) were actually facades put up in Downtown Toronto. Rumble in The Bronx with Jackie Chan was filmed in Vancouver and they didn't even try to make it look like the Bronx; one scene showed mountains in the background.

    Previous posters have mentioned other examples and the list goes on and on.

    I know this departs from the original theme of this thread, but I figured I'd post anyway and take my beating.

    But to keep it MERB related:HDH's for the stars.....waaay cheaper than the US
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    X Files

    Let's not forget the first 4 or 5 seasons of the legendary TV Series "The X Files" was filmed in Vancouver. The series seemed to decline after they moved production to LA I believe after season 5. One of the best TV series in history, IMHO, along with "Twilight Zone", "Hawaii 5-0", "All In The Family", "MASH", and a few others.

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    I forgot about Driven. The movie was really terrible but the one thing I remember was that during the trophy ceremony in the film there are two twins on the stage with the "drivers" that used to dance at Wanda's.

    Dawgone: parts of the Aviator were filmed at Mirabel airport.
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