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Thread: Is the NSA spying on your hobbying?

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    Is the NSA spying on your hobbying?

    I just realized that the US National Security Agency (NSA) has access to all of the phone logs and E-mail records which detail my hobbying for at least the last decade.

    I am not sure I like that, and frankly, I am wondering if there is a way around this.

    As non-Americans, we have no protections under US law against any surveillance of our activities.

    So, if for example, a hobbyist talks to a Muslim, or has Muslim friends (ie the dozens of Moroccan SPs in the city) who have had contacts with people that have the wrong name, they turn up on a "watch list."

    This could lead to problems at the US border, being put on a no-fly list, or, in extreme cases (such as Arar) much worse.

    The only way I can see around this is to get access to a secure (non-US routed) email account, whose files are not automatically sent to the NSA, like those of Facebook, Yahoo and Hotmail (the one I use).

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    As long as they don't tell my wife, I couldn't care less.

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    Why all the paranoia?

    IF you talked to a Muslim SP who has herself talked to another person who might be of ill-repute doesn't mean your getting arrested. The NSA knows the chick is an SP, and if they've been following your history (as you fear) it ends there.

    What was the game called, connect the dots type, Kevin Bacon game?? Something like within 7 step you could connect any actor to Kevin Bacon. We are all connected electronically somehow. If you look at how many people travel every single day in this world, the chances YOU get stopped or arrested (if your innocent of criminal activity) are too low to even calculate. I would worry more about crossing the street safely.

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    Lily from Montreal
    Six degrees of separation...If is supposed to be that anybody knows someone who knows someone ...etc, who knows you after six persons...

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    Let them know i don't give a shit.

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    Clean and disinfect your computer regularly and delete the cookies every week. Most of the history will be gone. They cannot watch everyone all the time and store all the records The size of the data base would be humungus.

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    They will only use the info against you if they need you to do something for them.

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