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Thread: Are you more tolerant with a younger sp?

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    Are you more tolerant with a younger sp?

    Hello all

    In encounters with a large variety of different age SP's ,do you have a tendency to be more tolerant with younger SP's on diversity of her services and on the way she performs it ?

    Has a booker I had more leniency with them ,the principles of life ,you must learn how to walk before learning how to run and jump and so forth !

    Is that reflected in your expectations and reviews afterward ?



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    Since I usually decide based on their reviews, ads and read their posts sometimes I generally kind of know the service they offer and what to generally expect. I also understand that YMMV.

    I'm surprised to find out that some of them were considered "Rookie's" because I wouldn't have known it based on the service I received, Not that i'm a veteran at this i'm a rookie myself.

    From the very first SP I saw I always expected them to offer a service that they were comfortable with giving me. We are strangers meeting for the first time so I understand 1st impressions, comfort levels, how physically attracted they are to you & chemistry plays a big roll in how the encounter will play out.

    Some rendez-vous have gone better than others but I have never really been disappointed with the service. It's happened where I wouldn't repeat just because I didn't think our personalities matched or they weren't what I was expecting but that has nothing to do with how young they were or how new they were to the business.

    I'm very honest with my reviews, & I know some reviewers might find this wrong, but I won't write a review of someone if I didn't click with them or they weren't what I was expecting, because the issue is on my end. There was nothing misleading in how they advertised themselves or the reviews from other MERB members, they just weren't my cup of tea.

    There is no point writing about what I was disappointed with because of my assumptions, It'll bring in some negativity to the SP that really has nothing to do with her service, it doesn't add anything. I know I could leave it out of my review but if I'm going to review someone I would rather be 100% honest.

    So all this to say that NO I'm not even thinking of how young or new they are and it does not reflect in my reviews.

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    i'm more lenient with someone who's new as i'm still very green in the SP world (i'm more of a MP guy). as for younger sp, i usually don't go for them unless they have raving reviews. the only exception are indies

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