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    Question Webcam Questions

    I just purchased and installed a Webcam on my computer.

    I now have very important questions for my fellow Merbites:

    If I am using the Webcam on MSN Messenger, can the other person on the other end with whom I am chatting "record" the images from my Webcam while it is on? Can they "record" my images without me knowing that they are recording? How can I protect myself against unwanted recording of my Webcam images - are their steps to take?

    I would appreciate your help on this matter.


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    Yes, they can

    There are plenty of programs that can grab still shots from any source. I have a webcam and I think I used it once... I don't get the attraction of it. Oh well, to each their own!


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    Hi Slippery_W_O,

    Using a program like camtasia, it is easy to record webcam, even sound, you can't prevent the other person from doing this. Hope this helps.

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    As far as I am concerned anyone who purchases and installs a webcam and then broadcasts or publishes their own image or other images on the webcam into cyberspace waives any right of privacy. If you want privacy, don't install a webcam. There can certainly be no expectation of privacy with anyone who uses a webcam.

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    If the other person is recording me on the Webcam while I am chatting with them and I have the Webcam on, will I be able to notice the recording ... is there some sort of notification on MSN Messenger? Is there some sort of "anti-recording software" available out there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slippery_When_Oiled
    If the other person is recording me [...] will I be able to notice the recording
    If they can see it on their screen, there are ways to record it without the program ever knowing it.
    For that matter, they could have a video camera pointed at their screen and record you, their computer wouldn't know.
    Or some LE in the room taking notes.
    Not mentioning Microsoft or some computer in-between spying on the connection and recording it...
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