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Thread: Apartment hunting need help.

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    Apartment hunting need help.

    Greetings. Someone over at TERB suggested I try asking here for any advice. After many years of wanting to return to Montreal I finally get the chance. I'm looking for something under $850 not to far from the action. I'm not looking for an apartment building. If I had a choice I'd live in a loft near Old Montreal but perhaps that's a bit unrealistc. The Plateau is cool too.

    Anyhow, any advice appreciated as it's been awhile since I've lived in MTL and have no idea what the pricing or neighborhoods are like.

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    Here is my sugestion !

    Look at the McGill guetto, students usually advertise their flats on campus, just walk inside of the buildings on campus, and watch out for the adds.

    The McGill guetto area has the best apartments I have ever seeing in Montreal.

    The Plateau is also an option, and it is far more communitariam thus much easier to make friends. You can find beautifull and spacious apartments.

    Whereas the McGill guetto will most likely be more snob or cold not as friendly and noise at night because it is a student dominated area of town. But the apartments are great !

    Another area where apartments are cheaper and spacious is the Gay Village, where you fell more like been in New York City, and you got to be not a homophobic person, of course !
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    Hey thanks Julianna!

    When I was last in Montreal I lived in the Ghetto, spent my winters at EuroDeli (god I hope it's still there). It was cool though I don't remember the apartments being very big. Also herd it was an expensive area as with the Plateau and Old Montreal. Guess all the areas people want to live in are expensive .

    Well I'll try lookin around probably gonna visit end month if I can as I got an invite to that Best Adut Awards thingy.

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    If you want more affordable look harder at the...

    If you think the guetto is expensive, look harder at Saint Joseph street and the Gay Village.

    Bonne chance.
    Dont worrry about the world coming to
    an end, it is already tomorrow in Australia.

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    I beleive there is no loft for under $850 in downtown montreal. You can check out for some apartments rents

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