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Thread: Manners in the board postings

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    Manners in the board postings

    MERB has been great place to get info about xxx industry.
    And. most of the members are polite enough in there postings.
    However, I'd like to point out some problems I found.

    1. Our reaction on negative reviews.

    Well, that member is just delivering his bad encounter. He is not trying to make your decisions by himself. Then, why don't we just accept the fact that he had one bad experience? Make your own decision. Both negative and positive reviews make this board do what it's supposed to do. Negative reviews are as important as positive ones.

    2. TOFTT is your job, not mine.

    I'll wait to hear some reviews before I go.........
    Above is very very common phrase from newbie members. (Joined within last 2-3 months and/or not much posting history)
    You wanna make sure that the money you will spend is worth every penny?
    O.K. then do it. But, do it without telling us your intension.
    Whenever I seem this kinda posting, it seems to me that you are saying your time and money are more important than ours.
    Keep this in mind. If everyone was like you, this board wouldn't benefit any of us.

    Just my 2 cents.


    Well, as one of those newbie members, I'm not sure if I have right to say such things....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Serpico
    When a dude with tons of money books the cheapest cockroach infested hotel in Montreal he can get on the internet, books a girl for an hour at 4 am, opens the door in his dirty underwear, smells like a skunk after a night out at strip clubs, demands tcim, 10 SOGs and then writes a bad review, well, yes, lets read it. Comedy central for us but a traumatic experience for some great GFE girls out there who have left the business all together because of that.

    When a pimp books a girl 12 hours straight to 12 guys like the one described above, well, guess what will happen at the 13th date. The girl will leave in 20 minutes, won`t take a shower, get high on crack to forget the last 12 hours of her life and on top of that get shit from her pimp for pissing off a potential repeat out of towner client.

    Manners? What manners?
    This is the rare occasion when Tony has written something that is meaningful and warrants my comment and agreement.

    First of all, he is 100% correct. And it`s unfortunate that because of what Tony says in the first paragraph, MANY negative reviews on this board have to be at a minimum questioned, or at least taken with a gigantic grain of salt.
    More often than you would guess, they are written by the type of hobbyist described in the first paragraph, who is posting with an agenda, which is usually to cop a discount by making noise on the Board. And that is all the ``review`` is - noise. Noise designed to produce a discount. It`s for these reasons I am hugely suspicious of most negative reviews and can probably count on one hand the legitimate negative reviews I have read.

    As to the second paragraph, also true, and it`s sad when the owner in question has been bluntly told that this practice will result in a loss of ladies who need to be broken in slowly, but continues doing it anyway.
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