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Thread: Getting "Connecting to"

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    Getting "Connecting to"

    I'm getting this in a logon window:

    Connecting to

    That's every time the Classxxx banner try to show up on top of any pages. Banner doesn't show but pointers when mousing over banner placement is good.

    Anybody else?

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    I am also getting the same appearance. I was confused at first and I still don't understand why this is happening. Perhaps the problem will be resolved shortly...Mods?



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    Our Hosting Company, has had a problem with the server we host ClassXXX and Extacy. They are in the process of switching the server - This was sceheduled be be complete by 11PM Friday - However they just advised me that it may not be until Saturday afternoon before the websites are resored and the email functionality will not be restored until Monday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JUSTIN
    Our Hosting Company, has had a problem with the server we host ClassXXX and Extacy...
    Hmm...while you're fixing that problem, why not also fix the problem with the fake photos of Diamond on the Extacy site?
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