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Thread: More women turn to male escorts for sex

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    Angry More women turn to male escorts for sex

    Providing sexual services for women is a growing business in Britain, a television station reports.

    One 30-year-old professional woman told Sky News she paid a male escort 110 pounds ($200) for an hour of sex.

    I wanted just a no-strings thing, something for me. A treat for myself, she said. Without the emotional commitment it made the physical act a lot better. I was in control and knew exactly where I stood.

    Becky Adams, owner of an escort service, said many of her female clients see sex as a commodity.

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    That would be a one way to subsidize my hobby

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    Why are we sad about this?????????

    What is there to be sad about this??????

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    No way! I'll never do this...

    SP do this business because they only love money. To them it doesn't matter if the customer is handsome or ugly, skinny or fat.

    As a hobbyist (and a male in general) I like to have sex with beautiful ladies, period. I cannot picture myself having intercourse with an old hag just for mullah. What is the prototypical woman calling a male escort? A frustrated wife? An ugly spinster? Definitely, that's not for me!

    There was once a line on Seinfeld. I don't remember it exactly but it was a disccusion between Jerry and Elaine, and it was something like this. «What is the percentage of beautiful people?». I think that Jerry came with this answer: around 5 or 10%. I concord.
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    GG is moving to Britain to become a male escort. More to follow...
    And the Lord said unto John, "Come forth and receive eternal life." But John came fifth and won a toaster.

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    This is a tough job you don't want

    Remember Deuce Bigelow I and II?

    To do this job, you need to be a guy with a permanent hard-on.

    Someone who, with no visual stimulation whatsoever, can get it rock hard ... and shoot ... multiple times ... every day and night.

    Like Mr. Dick in the movie Bachelor Party. Remember when all the guys applauded when he showed the package?

    My sentiments exactly.

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    I am me, too!
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    But Deuce Bigelow didn't fuck!

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    JB- I think his name was " Nick, the dick".



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    I'm sure it would be tougher for a male escort... as we actually have to have a physical erection, KY cannot help here...!!

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    I had heard about the tables having turned around a bit in Britain, but I had no idea that it had gotten to the point that any substantial number of British women were sexually agressive enough to go out and get a male SPs! Maybe I should relocate myself to London

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