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Thread: Deadwood. Put some stink on your Johnson!

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    Deadwood. Put some stink on your Johnson!

    There is a scene in Deadwood where Powers Booth's character Cy Tolliver offers the service of his ladies to one of his business cohorts. "Put some stink on your Johnson" he offers.

    Now come to think of it. I have removed some condoms that reeked evil. And many of those were on repeats.

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    EWWWWWW!!!!!!! You're only supposed to use the condom once!!!!!!
    Shorter of breath...One day closer to death. Pink Floyd

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    I once knew a girl from Nova Scotia.

    This girl had such a bad stink in her crotch that my fingers would stink for 3 or 4 days. She told me that she believed that she should never wash up there because it disturbs the natural balance of enzimes and bacteria.
    I have not met anyone with a stink that bad.

    FIY - I do not know if this would remove stink from your johnson, nor do I want to find out if it does or not. To remove stink from your finger, use mechanics orange pumice ( avalible at your local Candian Tire Store )
    This does a good job of removing pussy stink from your fingers. It also works if you go fishing and have to handle fish.

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