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Thread: Montreal Sex Options

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    Alternative Montreal

    If you're looking for something a little more underground, you can check out my site... There's a mistress and escort section, and some massage and strip club info... If you and the wife are into swinging, there's that too...

    Good luck in your quest ...
    Travis Geko

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    A search of one of Quebec's largest online dating services (reseaucontact - they claim overs 700 000 members in Qc alone - 10% of the entire population) revealed only a handful of female ads which more or less explicitely offered sex for retribution. But then, if you're willing to run the risk of striking out and not getting sex for your money, you can just ask a regular civilian girl out, pay for dinner and outings and so on, and hope for the best.

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    Bob Crane...

    You described the Jewish MotorMouth with exact precision. Let me guess, you've been had too??!!

    Here's my short story. She connects with me and says she's looking for an encounter, and that she's bi. She and a lady friend were gonna meet up at the motel Chablis on St. Jacques. She asked if I wanted to join. Well, it didn't take long for mr. happy to say yes.

    I was to meet at the motel, and park in the back area. She said she drove an Infiniti J30 and that she'd be there as well. Anyways, she ends up calling me from PJ's pub from across the street and said she gotten there early and wanted to get a quick drink. We get in the car, and she says the room is $200 and she wants to get some champagne....asks me to split cost. I'm thinking..hmmm...

    So we get to the motel, tells me she's gonnna go inside to book the room, and for me to hand her my share of the cash. I hand her the $60....she goes into the side entrance. Minutes pass....a few more, and then it seemed to take long. I go into check and don't even see any sign of her. SHIIIIIIT....I've been had!

    Lesson learned: don't fork over any cash to strange Jewish chicks!

    Funny thing about the Jewish MotorMouth, is that she speaks very intelligently. She says she's in the catering business, and that her name is Rebecca Seltzer. Says her family owns 'le bifteque' restaurant on cote de liesse. She's got quite an elaborate story about her life, how her hubby is a pilot or something like that. Anyways, bitch deserves to get screwed over one of these days. What goes around, comes around!

    Originally posted by bob crane
    If anyone ever used Lavalife phone system before, some hang out there. They usually advertise in the "intimate encounters" section. They don't say anything too obvious--because they can't--but they'll get you interested enough to leave a message and then they'll contact you through private channels (like PMs here) and fill you in on the details. Girl named "Megan" in Lasalle, I believe, was a big one.

    There's another one on there, a motor-mouthed Jewish girl with sinus problems. Claims she is married to a very rich guy who's never around. (I could give many more details, but it would be innapropriate.) 38dds (yes, she really does have 'em). Short, tight body, decent looks. She'll meet you and then try what I think is a scam. She'll get you to go to a hotel (she's always saying that she doesn't want to be seen by too many people because someone will surely recognize her), she'll offer to go get the room (because, she says--her words--"being Jewish, she knows how to bargain" ), she'll come out and say that she wants the best, that they have the best--the suite with a jacuzzi cuz she's that kind of girl, used to that kind of lifestyle--and she'll tell you it's $200 (let's say). She'll try to grease you up at this point telling you what a great fuck she is and that you guys can go get a bottle of champagne and some chow and do it all afternoon and evening. If you pause because of the price, she'll immediately say that she'll split it with you. Just give her the $100 and she'll go reserve it.

    It has "I take your money and then slip out the back and grab a cab" scam written all over it. Trust me, no way, no how that THIS girl could be who she claims to be--unless she's mentally ill. She's a hustler, a con "man," a scam artist. And she uses her big tits and seemingly insatiable libido to hook guys. This is just my opinon... fortunately, I never got stung by her... but better safe than sorry if anyone else comes across her. Trust me, you'll know who it is if you ever talk with her since she seems SO forthright with her lifestory. And those sinuses... those damn stuffed sinuses! Someone get me a stick of dynamite to blow those things clear, please!

    bob "the grizzled grifter" crane

    P.S. For those of you who enjoy tom catting, Lavalife isn't a bad way to meet our more... er, libidinous lady friends in the city. Usually costs you the price of a drink or two to meet and shmooze. If you got some suave, it's a fun change of pace for play. I've got some stories...

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    Boy, you guys must feel foolish!

    Why don't you just say that it happened to a buddy? FYI, the guy that owns the Bifteque is not jewish he is a french speaking guy thatmade it big in the meat packing business.

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    Actually I used to live on the same street as the guy who owned the Bifteque and he was indeed Jewish. However, I think he had a partner, so we may both be right.

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    Originally posted by bob crane
    Anyone cruising the Lavalife phone systems, be on the lookout for the two girls named "Destiny" in the intimate encounters section of the system. Both are SPs.

    bob "public watchdog group leader" crane

    Hey Bob "Lavalife smooth operator" Crane

    I think the 2 "Destiny"s are one and the same. Anyway, I met her on the phone chat ages back, a few messages back and forth, told me she had a room at the Motel Laval on St. Jacques... basically she was providing incall... told her I'd show up (didnt live too far away) and when I got there I didnt like what I saw... think she's hispanic+black mix... just didnt "click" physically. She assured me she provides good service blah blah but I apologized and walked out!!! Anyone know what I missed? (if anything?!)

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    Wink What girls think...

    I really like the response the poll got... why is it closed? I tried to open it but with no success?

    I've met a few girls from lavalife, they were "normal" women looking for relationships and were not gold diggers. With the ones I hit it off with the sex come eventually, but they weren't into one night stands.

    What I really don't get is the ads some guys post on these dating services - a close up of your cock??? Girls really aren't into that. Most girls I talk to think the guys on these dating services are simple minded and liars, not to mention unattractive... anyway I think I'm getting off topic.

    Anyone interested in what SP's think of john's should read Nelly Arcand's PUTAIN.
    Travis Geko

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