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Thread: Buy a Pool Table or Play it at a Pub?

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    Smile Buy a Pool Table or Play it at a Pub?

    I've always thought that owning a pool table would be a cool thing.

    Now that I've made a little room that could receive one, I'm left wondering whether I should go forward with it. I don't really have any pool buddies, everyone is just a casual player.

    Plus, I always hear that pool tables eventually become dust collectors. And they're not cheap.

    Those of you who have purchased one, any regrets?

    Also: where is the best place to buy one, if the recommendation is to get one? Used or new? What kind of specs should I look for?

    I hear that you need a really good deal to buy used since there are significant costs involved with breaking it down, transporting it and setting it up again at the intended destination.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack_Bauer View Post

    Also: where is the best place to buy one, if the recommendation is to get one? Used or new? What kind of specs should I look for?
    . is a great place. They have 2 locations, one on the souts shore and one close to IKEA on cote-de-liesse. They have big showrooms so you can see the table before buying it.

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    Don't forget that the space required is actually much larger than just the size of the table. There's nothing worse than having to use a short cue for half your shots because the wall is in the way.
    There may also be the challenge of getting it to the room you have for it, especially if stairs are involved.
    I have a buddy who had one years ago and we used to play for hours on end, but we were young and had nothing more pressing to do. But playing pool while watching sports on tv is a great way to spend some buddy time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack_Bauer View Post
    Plus, I always hear that pool tables eventually become dust collectors.
    I have a very nice one, at least I remember it was nice... its currently covered by tons of crap, is barely identifiable, and hasn't been used in years!
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    Bought one 2 year ago (you should check out and have some good time with it.... especially I can watch hockey game and play at same time in my basement. During summer time I spent more time outside etc so I play less but I read you have a 'small' room for that... I think minimum requirement is 17X 13 feet to play....

    But one con is that there's no single chick hangin around my table in my basement

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    A few suggestions

    I bought one last year after converting my basement into a man cave. I've always had a preference for Brunswick tables but after doing research and finding out they are now made in China, I went with a Canada Billiards table. They had similar designs to the Brunswick models I liked but with superior construction specs and are made in Canada. I haven't played very much so far but I don't regret the purchase at all. I spent $5K which included delivery and professional installation along with optional high end rails, felt, balls, four cues, and a cue rack. Canada Billiards have packages that start at around $2K and go all the way to almost $20K for the "Condo" stainless steel model.

    Also, regardless of your budget, make sure to buy a slate table because press board tables eventually get a dented surface and cannot be fixed rendering the table horrible to play on. As mentioned by others, make sure to calculate the needed space properly. FYI a 3 1/2' X 7' table needs 12' 8" X 15' 10" of space and a 4' X 8' table needs 13' 2" X 16' 10" of space. (using a 57" cue stick)

    Lastly, even if you don't play much invest in high quality balls and especially felt. BTW my 4' X 8' table weighs almost 800 lbs so if you get anything like mine, don't plan on ever moving it.
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    A good one is fairly expensive, a cheap one is crap. Slate is a heavy must. One advantage of having your own, you know how it "runs" and you can easily beat people or equal skill of more. I put ping pong boards on top of mine and played a lot more ping pong... became a costly ping pong table... and man are they buggers to move.

    As others have said make sure that you really do have enough room so you don;t have to use a shorty cue.

    As an alternative why not consider a bumper table.... my buddies and I have had tons of fun on them... they are smaller cheaper and more fun when u r sharing a few brewskis.

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    Before you buy your pool table I'd suggest to MAKE SURE you guys do your research. Compare quality, price, service, etc. I'd suggest checking out Bullz, at the same time if you want to compare them to Canada Billard and Palason. Bullz sells solid wood pool tables with slate, a fully decked out table including installation comes up to roughly $2500.

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