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Thread: Sick as a dog...

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    Sick as a dog...

    Did anyone else notice that a LOT of people in Montreal are sick? I noticed that it was considerably higher than normal.

    Oh and obviously I'm bitching cuz someone in Montreal got me As I sit here with nasal spray and 3 hrs of sleep since I couldn't breath most of night.

    oh and on a side note, drinking too much is bad m'kay! LOL i had so much to drink that I barfed at 4am in my hotel room. Luckily I made it to the toilet. Has anyone else ever barfed so hard that their back hurt for a few days after? that was a first for me. lol.

    yeah yeah i know random mutterings.

    btw anyone play Everquest? If you do drop me a pm.

    btw anyone have home remedy for nasal congestion? I'm dying here folks...and i can't keep using this spray every 30 min.
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    <!-- btw anyone have home remedy for nasal congestion?-->

    Find someone nice to sit on your face.
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    Hey Dude...nust have been something you ate!! He, He. Stay outta the strip clubs!

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