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Thread: Did you get your free doughnuts?

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    Did you get your free doughnuts?

    All of this week the Gazette has run full page ads offering free Krispy Creme Doughnuts. Every day this week there was a coupon for 1 dozen doughnuts. I was not more impressed with these doughnuts than with any other well know brand. I can only guess that there is a high fat content to these doughnuts since they last for several days without drying out. Whats your opinion on KC doughnuts?

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    Did you think such a posting was relevant to member on MERB? please delete this posting.

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    do you have a life outside of MPing or SPing?

    This is the LOUNGE, a place that you can ask other hobbyist questions about life in general. There are other sections dedicated to MP activityand SP activity. At the LOUNGE you can ask any sort of question or have any sort of opinion as long as you do not violate the rules. Check out the restaurant thread, or ask a computer question, this is allowed in the LOUNGE!

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    I just ate one an hour ago....I feel sick

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    Dreep, That's what KK doughnuts make me feel like as well...

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    If KK doughnuts make people feel queezy (myself included), why are they so popular?
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    Originally posted by J. Peterman
    If KK doughnuts make people feel queezy (myself included), why are the sp popular?
    "Because they're served warm..." WOW.

    It's the same as buying any doughnut and sticking it in the microwave for 10 sec. They are so inovative....

    I got kind of ill when I tried one over a year ago.
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