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Thread: Call Girls in the Cresent and de la Montagne area can we review them ?

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    Lightbulb Call Girls in the Cresent and de la Montagne area can we review them ?

    Over the last 2 months I saw and paid for the services of 2 known providers and another one working solo hanging around Thursdays and Newtown.
    Since we already review street action , can we also review these girls ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 10-4Roger View Post
    Yes we can !
    There is a section: "street action". you simply have toput your thread there.
    Thanks Roger but im speaking of chicks working at current agencies and for a lack of better word :
    Elles prospectent en tabarnaque
    For anyone of us members we cant mist them. So I will review all 3 once I have the green light from Merb itself.


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    Of course you can review them but...

    1. You should give each her own thread, identifying her by name and agency, unless she already has a thread than put your review there.
    2. Don't forget her contact info, which is allowed in a review even if she or her agency doesn't advertise here.
    3. Put the thread in the proper forum: Montreal Escorts (Outcall ) or Montreal Escorts (Incall ), as appropriate.
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    The guys are spot on.

    No matter if the girl is working via the agency or not, it's the same. If a girl already have an agency thread, the review must go in that thread, even if you saw her "off-agency", you just have to specify it was "off-agency".

    I suggest, if you meet agency girls outside the agency's frame, that you ask the girl if you can put the review out. Some girls might get in trouble if they are found to be working on the side...


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