View Poll Results: Do you prefer to deal with a male or female when booking at an agency or salon?

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  • I prefer to deal with a male

    8 20.00%
  • I prefer to deal with a female

    20 50.00%
  • I have no preference

    11 27.50%
  • I prefer to deal directly with the provider herself, and therefore see only indys

    1 2.50%
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Thread: Do you prefer to deal with a male or female when booking at an agency or salon?

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    Do you prefer to deal with a male or female when booking at an agency or salon?

    The idea for this poll came from a recent change in ownership at certain massage salon. Personally, I feel more comfortable dealing with a female owner or receptionist when booking at an agency or massage salon. Do you have any preference?
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    I prefer to deal with women for sure. When I deal with a man I have the impression of dealing with a pimp. Period.
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    This shouldn't make a difference but I have had better luck with male booking agents so I voted male.

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    I would prefer Indy's because I am more comfortable telling them exactly what I want in the encounter (please dress this way/please bring this along).
    But I don't only book Indy's - as a matter of fact in Montreal - I always use agencies
    When dealing with a booker - I don't care if it is a man or a woman

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    I have no preference. I've dealt with men, women, and Indys. If the agency is reputable I feel that I'm being honestly dealt with. The same with an Indy, if does what she says she will.
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    As long as the person knows what s/he is doing, doesn't promise what s/he can't deliver, treats me like my business is important, and isn't a active SP, then I don't have a preference one way or the other.

    I do not particularly enjoy dealing with active SPs who answer the phones. I've found them to be less efficient than bonafide bookers. What's more, knowing how easily women can get jealous of one another, I feel uncomfortable asking an active SP to book me with a different SP. It makes me worry about whether the booking will get sabotaged.
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    No preference. I am not more comfortable with one or the other in asking for what I want. I don't refrain from specifics with either guys or gals on the phone.
    Interstingly, some male bookers will try to convey you a feeling of "oh boy, would I like to sleep with her ..." but I've learned not to trust these guys unless I have dealt with them often and have some comparisons to go on.
    Some women have given me the "pimp feeling" and have been known to be as tough verbally with their workers as men.
    Some men give me the feeling that they respect their employees a lot.
    It is actually a lot of fun to get the SPs perception of her booker....

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetwater View Post
    I have no preference. I've dealt with men, women, and Indys. . The same with an Indy, if does what she says she will.
    When I am dealing with Indys I prefer to deal with a female (LOL)

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    Hello all,

    I don't see any real difference. Maybe I feel a little reluctant to be specific about what I want when I am speaking to a female owner. But in my experience, as good or bad as it gets depends on the person, not the gender. Regarding female owners, Celine was fine when things went smooth but someone who failed to be answerable when problems arose, and turned out to be underhanded and untrustworthy when she failed to respond to a very poor episode. By contrast, I have found Jessie of MSC to be a very honest and direct straight shooting business person, who has never tried to just "sell me" and push someone on me just for profit. She tells me honestly what she thinks about her ladies qualities and how she believes it will work out with certain ladies for me. The variations between the qualities of the male owners are the same as the women. The good and the bad depends on who it is.

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    Personally, it's a buzzkill to speak to a male booker -- ruins the illusions, I guess.

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    Interesting that most people who commented have no preferrence, but the majority of votes goes to speaking to a female.

    COuld some people elaborate why?

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    No real preference personally but I have noticed the following differences when dealing with agencies in Montreal, Toronto, and other cities:

    Female phone staff: Better phone manners and much more pleasant to speak with. Have never experienced rudeness from a female booker, whereas male bookers have frequently been rude and abrupt.

    Male phone staff: More honest when answering questions about the SP I'm interested in. More likely to get a straight answer if I ask "Is girl A hotter than girl B?". Female bookers try not to appear to favor one girl at the agency over another, which makes it hard when I'm looking for a recommendation.
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