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Thread: DO's and DON'Ts for Strippers in 2005

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    DO's and DON'Ts for Strippers in 2005

    Stripper's Guide for Making Man Happy:


    1. Dance as close to man as possible.
    2. Assist man in grind.
    3. Bite man's ear.
    4. Stick body parts of man in your mouth.
    5. Let man stick parts of your body in his mouth. (Put the nipple near man's mouth.)
    6. Undercount on songs.
    7. Provide small talk before dance.
    8. Tell man he has a big one.
    9. Make hand through pants contact with Mr. Happy.
    10. Put vagina as close as possible to man's face.


    1. Give an air dance.
    2. Try to insult man.
    3. Overcount on songs.
    4. Ask man what he does for a living (unless you are interested in the man beyond a professional level which is usually never).
    5. Ignore man's questions.
    6. Talk about your being a single mom.
    7. Get angry or be rude to man.
    8. Ask man to dance if you smell bad.
    9. Start dancing in the middle of a song and expect to be paid for it.
    10. Continue to work after you reach the age of 40.

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