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Thread: Testosterone Shots

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    Testosterone Shots

    I am new to MTL and Canada, any one know how you go about getting testosterone shots. In US you can go to any doctors and they will write a script for it.


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    My physician told me a few things about this:
    1) Physicians here are not, due to the way they are paid by Medicare, as motivated by profit as in the US, and will insist on testing your testosterone levels before writing a prescription.
    2) Your body, which naturally produces testosterone, will produce less once you start taking shots.
    3) There are health risks, among them a higher probability of getting some types of cancer.

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    You can go to any doctors, he'll test you and, if you need any extra testosterone, he will prescribe them to you.

    Testosterone shots tends to do bad things for people who don't need them, from bad uncontrolled temper problems to death...

    We can't leave this thread go the route of illegal suggestions and, besides following the above advices by Anon and myself, there's not much other legal ways it can go.

    Thread closed.

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